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"I am in the process of "rescuing" a Maltese. I came here looking for basic information. What a magnificent job you have done with this site. Many, many thanks, not only for the graphics and mechanics, but for the straightforward, intelligent, accurate and useful information about the breed"--AKC Licensed Judge

"This site covers Maltese dogs and their care, and ownership in general, so thoroughly, that it is of great value to any dog owner. In other words, despite its name, this site is certainly not for Maltese Only"
- -Audrey Pavia, formerly Managing Editor of Dog Fancy and Senior Editor of the AKC Gazette;
- - Betsy Sikora Siino, two-time winner of the Maxwell medallion.

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 what to ask a breeder of Maltese dogs What to ask a Maltese Breeder?

Searching for a Maltese puppy can become very frustrating to say the least. Get prepared. You want to read this informative article on what to ask that breeder of Maltese dogs. A personal recommendation from a satisfied owner is an excellent way to find a Maltese dog breeder. Ask any of your Maltese owning friends or perhaps a veterinarian. They may know of a Maltese breeder and would know about the quality of the pups. Be prepared with some questions to ask the Maltese breeder.....


Maltese Forum Archives

1500+ selected topics taken from the Maltese Discussion Forum over the past 6 years. Excellent advice and suggestions on raising your Maltese puppy and adults can be found here.

 Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Tear stain Articles

Tear stain FAQ by Jay Bianco
The most frequently asked questions with regards to the tearstain in Maltese dogs.

Tear stain by Marjorie Martin
Award winning article written by the late Marjorie Martin. A must to read.

Factors to eliminate Tear Staining by Tonia Holibaugh
Top winning Show Breeder and Handler, Tonia Holibaugh's article on Tear Staining and how to help eliminate them.

Monthly Newsletter Maltese Only News

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Maltese stages of growth
Development of a newborn Maltese puppy until 12 weeks of age. Very interesting.

Stay White Tear Stain Remover
Specifically made for Maltese dogs. Product sold internationally with remarkable results. 
Maltese Standard
The American Standard for the Maltese approved by the American Kennel Club December 1963.

New pup homecoming age
Article that gives good insight on the appropriate age to bring your new Malese puppy home.
Maltese Ear Care
Good preventative ear care can eliminate needless trips to your veterinarian and save a lot of discomfort for your Maltese. Excellent article byDennis W. Thomas, DVM.
Fleas and heartworm
Information about fleas & heartworm.
Major flea control products
Compare the flea and tick control products on the market today to see which one is right for you.
Vaccination Schedule
Schedule that for vaccinating Maltese puppies. FACTS AND FALLACIES ABOUT CANINE IMMUNIZATION

Annual vaccinations may not be necessary
New veterinary recommendations that could eliminate annual shots for your Maltese.


Common Diseases
A list and brief description of some of the diseases to watch out for.

Also an excellent article on Lyme Disease

Internal Parasites
All about internal parasites.
Rabies Info
What you should and need to know about rabies.
Grooming your Maltese by Jay & Bev Bianco
Lots of good tips. Maltese ears, toenail care, removing mats, bathing, teeth cleaning and more is discussed.

Brush-Outs by the late Marjorie Martin
Maltese coats are truly at the mercy of brushes. Unless the hair is kept very short, it needs regular brushing to prevent snarl-ups. Good reading on this subject.

Hand washable by the late Marjorie Martin
How to keep your Maltese naturally white and silky. Interesting well written article.

Maltese Origin
Exact origins of the Maltese breed are still debated today. Article written by Larry Stanberry with information coming from the history and evolution of the breed - particularly from a book by Nick Cutillo titled THE COMPLETE MALTESE.

When your Maltese gets old
Just like older people, caring for your elderly Maltese require special health needs, and require a little more care and attention than they did when they were younger.
Before you ship--read this
Thinking about shipping your Maltese dog by Air? You will want to read this first.
Housebreaking your Maltese
Maltese generally housebreak quite easily. Helpful hints for housebreaking and crate training.
Kennel Cough
It is important not to blame kennel cough just on kennels. Dont be misled by the name.
Your Maltese Dental Health
Read how Periodontal disease begins, its treatment and preventing problems.
Maltese skin allergies & diet
Milly Miller tells us about Bobby and his fight against allergies.
If your Maltese were human
Age comparison chart.
Dangerous houseplants
Most people don't know that many houseplants are toxic to their Maltese. Here is a list of dangerous houseplants and things you can do.
Liver Shunts in Maltese dogs
Most frequently asked questions regarding liver shunts. The signs, diagnosis and treatment. Extremely informative complete with illustrations about this horrible disease.
Petfood - The Lowdown on Labels
Choosing a pet food for your Maltese from among the cans, bags, and boxes stacked on store shelves can be a daunting experience. Become well informed.
When to call the vet
For Maltese owners who are uncertain when to call the veterinarian. Sometimes time can mean a matter of life and death. Know when to call your veterinarian!
Puppyproofing your home
As a responsible pet owner, steps should be taken to eliminate some of the common hazards around your home when bringing in your new Maltese pup.
Choosing a Veterinarian
Selecting a veterinarian that is right for you and your Maltese isn't always easy. The four most important things to look for.
Spaying & Neutering Maltese
Spaying & neutering procedures
Text article on the procedures of spaying or neutering your Maltese.

Maltese Rescue
Save a life. Adopt from an animal shelter or Maltese Rescue
Anxiety Attacks in Maltese
Separation anxiety
Not understanding where you or your family has gone or if you will ever return, your Maltese can exhibit signs of extreme anxiety.

Car anxiety
Many Maltese love the car. They love to look out the window. They love to go for a ride. Some Maltese, however, hate the car.

Moving anxiety & stresses
Moving stress on your pet can be eased with some common sense....

Excercising your Maltese
People should take a good look at their Maltese and see if their dog would benefit from regular exercise. The number one reason dogs should exercise is to maintain their weight. More on the subject here.
Barking & Chewing
Barking is a normal, natural behavior for dogs. It relieves tension. However, we need to control the behavior when possible.

It is inappropriate chewing, the rug, the furniture, your shoes, that is usually not appreciated. Read about what you can do to.

Maltese puppies & outrageous prices
No, the Maltese is not a "cheap" pet. "Properly bred and reared and judiciously priced , the pet purchased from a reputable and responsible breeder, even if it cost $1000 is worth every penny", says Larry Stanberry in this article.
Allergies -- Fact & Fiction
It's not surprising that myths and misconceptions about Maltese and allergies exist. Some are factual to a degree, but others are totally incorrect and often influence our attitudes or knowledge about dealing with sensitivities to pets. Jay Bianco's article is a must to read by anyone concerned with allergy reactions to dogs.
Collasping trachea in Maltese
A day does not go by when someone doesn't ask about why their Maltese makes these sounds like they can't breathe. This excellent article by Jay Bianco will help you understand what might be going on.
First aid and your Maltese
If you hope to be effective in administering veterinary first aid, plan ahead!
Books on Maltese dogs
Recommended reading to learn more about Maltese dogs.
Papers & Pedigree
While many people are well informed as to what papers are and what a pedigree is, just as many are misinformed and don't quite understand or are misled as to exactly what is meant by these two terms.
How to do topknots
Instructions along with illustrations on exactly how those topknots are done on your Maltese.
Naming your new Maltese
You just got a new Maltese and can't come up with a name? Here are several thousand suggestions.
Cold weather tips
When winter's cold weather moves in across much of the country there are a number of things you should do to "winterize" your Maltese.
Your Maltese & Estate Planning
To ensure that your beloved Maltese will continue to receive good care should something unexpected happen to you, it's critical to plan ahead.
Maltese Humor
Why did the Maltese cross the road? You have to read Maltese Humor to find out. The answer may surprise you!
A Rose Within
A beautiful Java presentation. Got to see it.
Guide to Animal Poisons
Many things around your home can be toxic to you & your Maltese dogs. Here you will find a partial list. We will try to keep this list current.
Puppy Lemon Laws
Many states now have puppy lemon laws. See if your state is one of them. Know your rights.
Survey Says!
1998 Maltese Survey Results
Rainbow Bridge
A beautiful poem by an unknown author.
Top 10 Maltese 1997-2007
* Top 10 Maltese for 1997
* Top 10 Maltese for 1998
* Top 10 Maltese for 1999
* Top 10 Maltese for 2000
* Top 10 Maltese for 2001
* Top 10 Maltese for 2002
* Top 10 Maltese for 2003
* Top 10 Maltese for 2004
* Top 10 Maltese for 2005
* Top 10 Maltese for 2007                                                                 


Maltese Specialty Shows
Show results and photos from the following shows:

1989 (Parsippany, NJ)
1996 (Minneapolis, MN)
1997 (Millbrae, CA)
1998 (Harrisburg, PA)
1999 (New Orleans, LA)
2000 (Las Vegas, NV)
2001 (Charleston, SC)
2002 (Dallas, TX)
2003 (Ontario, CA)
2004 (Orlando, FL)
2005 (Overland Park, KS)

All winners (1966-Present) 

What is a Puppy Mill?
Beverly Passe's excellent 1998 commentary on puppymills.
How dogs think
Have you ever seen a device or a program designed to correct a dog behavior problem that explained how smart dogs are and how they think?
Microchip Identification
This rice-sized microchip..... can bring your maltese dog home.
Your Maltese dogs diet
Should you supplement your dogs diet? What can you do to improve the skin and coat on your Maltese? These are some of the things talked about here.
Pet Shop Puppies
No RESPONSIBLE BREEDER, no matter what the quality of the dogs they produce, the amount of winning, the number of CHs in the pedigree, will EVER EVER EVER sell puppies through a pet shop.


Maltese Only Privacy Policy
The Maltese Only website takes the privacy of our readers very seriously. More.....

White Shaker Dog Syndrome
Idiopathic Cerebellitis. An acute onset of tremor is seen primarily in small, white, adult dogs. Read more about White Shaker Dog Syndrome here.


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