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How to do topknots on your Maltese

Materials: 1 1/2" squares of nylon net, fine nylon tulle(net), or plastic cut from bags. Rubber bands, preferably white. Ask for #6-white at large stationery stores. Embroidery floss, 6-strand. Cut 6" length, divide into two 3-strand pieces. Satin ribbon, #1 or 1 1/2. Cut to about 2 1/2" length. Alternate for satin bows is heavy yarn, use 1-3 thicknesses.
Fold ribbon (or yarn) into thirds.
Tie in center with 3 strand
embroidery thread to form the bows.

step 1
Part hair as shown along
dotted lines. For single topknot,
don't divide down the center
step 2
Comb through entire hair strand smoothly.
Wrap in net or plastic square.
step 3
Fold wrapped portion toward the back and add rubber
band to hold securely. Check for any hairspulled too
tightly. Repeat for the other topknot. Practice will help
place topknots evenly over time.
Tie bows onto the front of the
topknots. Snip off extra thread
after tying. Best colors for Maltese
are red, royal blue, violet or green.


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