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what to ask a maltese puppy breederWhat To Ask The Maltese Breeder
by Jay Bianco

A personal recommendation from a satisfied owner is an excellent way to find a Maltese dog breeder. Ask any of your Maltese owning friends or perhaps a veterinarian. They may know of a Maltese breeder and would know about the quality of the pups. Be prepared with some questions to ask the Maltese breeder, for example:

Was the Maltese breeder responsive to openly discuss these concerns, or seem ignorant of them, or defensive, offended etc...?

If you have any doubts as to the honesty of any of the information the breeder gives you-check it out. Remember it is your right and responsibility to make your purchase from someone who takes all steps necessary to produce dogs of quality and health, and then stands behind what they sell. There can be no gray areas when it comes to selling living creatures. Defective Maltese puppies, unlike toasters or automobiles, suffer pain, as do the owners who love them.

If you find a Maltese breeder that suggests meeting you in a store parking lot to save you from driving that extra milemaltese red flagRED FLAG, you should wonder what they are trying to hide. You should ALWAYS be able to see the living conditions of both the Maltese puppies and the parents. Maltese Breeders who do not question you about your home and family situation or how you intend to care for your Maltese are those you should be cautious of. They are more than likely concerned about the financial aspects of the sale than about providing the very best home possible for their Maltese.

Also, remember that responsible breeders will want to ensure their pups will go to good homes, so do expect to be asked some questions yourself such as:

You will know you have found a responsible Maltese breeder when the breeder makes you PROVE you are qualified to own one of their puppies. If a breeder doesn't ask you any questions but only asks to see your checkbook, walk away. If the breeder makes you feel like you are trying to adopt one of their kids, you have found a responsible breeder. If a breeder will sell to you without giving you the third degree, walk away. A Maltese breeder who sells carefully will have bred the litter carefully.

And a Maltese breeder who requires that you return the dog to them, if at any time, at any age, for any reason you decide not to keep the dog, is a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder will always be willing to take back one of their dogs - they feel responsible for every puppy they sell, for that dog's entire life.

Hopefully all will go well between you and the breeder. If you do decide to purchase a Maltese puppy, don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. A responsible Maltese breeder can be very helpful with some answers and remember to find a breeder who is willing to take back a puppy or dog if any problems develop or if you become unable to care for your Maltese any longer. Good Luck!

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