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Moving Stresses

MOVING STRESS ON YOUR PET CAN BE EASED WITH SOME COMMON SENSE.... remember that moving down the block or across the country can stress them out too

Your Maltese can sense and react to stress just like people anything we can do to make it easier on them can make recovering from the move easier on us. And the older your Maltese, the more stress they have.

Before the big day, take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough check up. Make sure your Maltese is up to date on their vaccinations and get copies of their rabies and health certificates. Also ask for a summary of your Malteses health history. You don't need the whole thing, just a review of your pet's health. Some veterinarians can provide referrals to other veterinarians near your destination.

Also talk to your veterinarian about the area where you are moving and if there are particular diseases for which your pet could be at risk.

On the day you pack, make plans to confine your pet to one room or send them to a kennel for the day. It's hard to pack and keep an eye on your pet. You want to leave doors open as you move furniture and things and it would be a tragedy to lose your Maltese or any pet during this time. It's stressful enough. As you pack your suitcase of items you want to keep handy, be sure and pack one for your pet, too. You want to be sure your pet's health and rabies certificates are in a convenient spot.

If your Maltese has a favorite blanket or toy, put that in their suitcase. Also pack their food, bowls and medicine in there -- that way everything is handy and in one place. And don't wash blankets and toys. Pets want a comforting scent they recognize.

They can travel in their cages when possible but take out water and food and any objects that might fly around and hurt the pet. The cages can be covered with a sheet or other light weight fabric. During the trip, keep the pet with you. Don't pack them in the moving van or the back of the truck. If they're in the same car, you will know if they're comfortable or need anything. Small pups need a constant temperature. Try to avoid extremes in temperature.

During pet pit stops, always keep your Maltese on a leash even if you know your pet would never go anywhere without you and never leave your pet in the car with the windows rolled up.

Know beforehand if your Maltese is a good traveler or needs medication for nervousness or carsickness. A long trip to a new place is not the time you want to find out that your dog gets sick in the car.

At your new home, unpack and settle in a bit before turning your Maltese loose. Take some time with him. Walk your dog around the yard and around the block on a leash. Help him get oriented to the new surroundings and be patient. Pets can be just as nervous in a new place as people.