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  • The Capricorn Dog Dec 22nd - Jan 19th

    Your Capricorn Maltese who is normally reserved an aloof seems to get a new leash on life. He/she wants to hop, skip and jump and is more demonstrative and affectionate than usual. Be sure to reward your Maltese with lots of treats, a new toy and of course, plenty of exercise and a wide variety of enjoyable activities.


    Happy Birthday from MalteseOnly

    SuzieQ's Bingo 1/1
    Carmine's Snowball 1/1
    KarenK's Jessie 1/2
    Kathy's Sammy 1/2
    Georgiann's Cotton 1/3
    Georgiann's Cotton 1/3
    Geof's Spike 1/3
    Pat's Buster Boo 1/3
    Bonnie's Ogie 1/4
    Rhonda's Jesse 1/5
    Kricket's Tiffany 1/6
    EddieS's Rafikki 1/6
    MaryH's Skipper 1/6
    Margaret's Taffy 1/6
    Bellencia's Kelly 1/6
    Monica's Willie 1/6
    Jodi's Thor 1/7
    Cynthia's Indy 1/8
    Edi's Scooter 1/9
    Sarah S's Trevor 1/9
    Laney's Toby 1/9
    CarolP's Molle Anne 1/10
    Linda's Solei 1/12
    KathyM's Chipper 1/12
    Bianco's Lady Blandine
    Carrie's Sasha 1/13
    Butterflie's Gizmo 1/14
    JanS's Haira 1/15
    ReneeM's Noah 1/16
    Michelle's Mikey 1/17
    Viv's Twinkie 1/17
    AnneH's Ellie 1/20
    SharonE's Casey 1/20
    Miriam's Shayla 1/20
    Bob&Hope's Brandie & Sophie 1/20
    Katy's Lucy 1/20
    DottieS's Bubba 1/21
    Malteze Aurura 1/23
    Tanglewood's Ted-d
    JudyF's Hillary 1/24
    MdVerb's Sassy 1/24
    CathyV's Sassy 1/24
    GraceT's Milo 1/24
    JudyK's Cynthia 1/26
    BarbO's Hope 1/26
    Vickie's Buddy 1/26
    Stacy's Edgar 1/26
    Chuck's Buster 1/27
    BethB's Cricket 1/27
    Marty's Woody 1/28
    DisneyRN's Maggie & Molly 1/29
    Rebecca's Tyler 1/29
    Donna's Bronco&Falcon 1/31
    Linda R Bailey 1/98


    Submitted by Jay Bianco

    I will get back to updating the photo album soon......

    (Special Note: If your photo has not been posted please be patient. I've received an overwhelming amount of photos either by snail mail or e-mail. Your baby's picture will get posted. Your patience is greatly appreciated.)


    Wendy & Jerry's Samantha Leigh
    Aida's Cotton
    Emily25's Ralphie
    Beki's Charlie
    LisaM's Griffen
    MaryBeth's Judy & Grace
    Sarah's Trevor
    David99's Spike
    Diedra's Tasha
    Janette's Valentino
    Bonnie's Ogie
    Ktww's Tucker
    Darena2's Moppet
    Jessica79's Angel
    Woldgirl's Cosmo
    Amy's Emma & Abbey
    Licy's Dee Dee
    Diana's Scooter
    Polly64's Romeo & Hamlet
    Linda's Lorenzo
    TracyKo's Miloux
    Eva's Cagney
    Betsy's Tinkerbell
    Samatha's Sasha
    Shelly's Ruby


    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the following:

    Jay & Bev who lost Daisy
    Marcia who lost Cassie
    SueG who lost Tommy
    NancyM who lost Sally
    DeborahO who lost Sonny
    Lauren who lost Milly
    Karen B who lost EB
    Carina who lost Clancy
    Norma's Max
    Wayne & Barb Delaney's Daisy Mae

    Note: Please visit our new
    Petloss & Tribute Page! Thanx to Robin McDonald and Jay Bianco for providing us with this wonderful page to remember our furbabies that we have lost and hold so dear.

    HOSTS: Libby & Buster

  • Special Chats

    Thursday, January 13, 1999
    Time: 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST
    Special Guest Hostess: Vanetta Gibbs
    Topic: Dog Training & Behavior
    Vanetta received a Professional Dog Training Diploma from the WVA Canine College. She has been studying dog behavior since 1987.

    Saturday, January 22, 1999
    Time: 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. EST
    Special Guest Hostess: Dr. Margaret Muns, DVM
    Topic: Pet Health and Behavior

    Note:The Maltese Only Chatroom is hosted every night, Saturday through Thursday from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. EST (No Fridays, yes Jay gives me a night off!). Our chatroom is for Maltese dog discussion only.



    - Tug it, fetch it, or chew it! These versatile rope toys with tennis ball ends will satify your Maltese's desire for play and exercise. Comes in 3 varieties. 17" Rope with handle and ball, 15" Figure 8 with two balls, and 13" Rope with two balls.



    I believe wholeheartedly
    In training cats and dogs.
    It's an absolute necessity.
    They have to know who's boss!
    It's that way at my house, you see.
    It's reigning cats and dogs.
    By Pat Myren


    I take thee puppy to be my friend
    my companion
    a member of my family,
    for better or worse, through sickness and health,
    Through moving or adversity
    You shall not be surrendered
    I promise to feed you well
    And fresh water you shall always have
    I will train you with praise and love
    And never will I deny you veterinary care
    If the quality of your life is overcome by suffering
    And the cure is not to be found
    I promise to let you go, with grace and dignity
    Until we meet again.
    Author Unknown


    Futuristic dog breeds:
    Submitted by CarrieS

    Collie + Malamute = Commute, a dog that travels to work
    Deerhound + Terrier= Derriere, a dog that's true to the end
    Labrador Retriever + Curly Coated Retriever = Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of scientists
    Newfoundland + Basset Hound=Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors
    Terrier + Bulldog=Terribul, a dog that makes awful mistakes
    Malamute + Pointer=Moot point, owned by . . . oh well, it doesn't matter anyway

    Points to Ponder:
    Submitted by CarrieS

    My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to 99c a can. That's almost $7 in dog money. --Joe Weinstein

    Cats regard people as warm-blooded furniture. --Jacquelyn Mitchard

    The maximum speed of the domestic cat is 30 mph. The maximum speed of the Greyhound is 39 mph.

    28% of dog owners have dressed their dog in clothing. 11% of cat owners have ended a personal or romantic relationship with someone because of their cat.

    The most common dog name in the US is Max. The most common cat name is also Max (including Maxwell and Maximillian) followed by Smoky, Tiger, Charlie & Sam.

    To a dog, you are family. To a cat, you are staff.


    Health Stats:

    Most people are not aware that unspayed dogs and cats have a higher rate of breast cancer than women do. A hysterectomy (spay) is very good at protecting them from the disease if done early in their life. Present stats show that if the hysterectomy is done at 6 mos of age (before their first estrus cycle) they have only a 0.5% chance of having breast cancer in their life. If the pet is spayed after only one cycle, there is an 8% chance of getting breast cancer. If the dog or cat goes through two or more estrus cycles, there is a 26% chance of developing breast cancer. The best advise is to spay your female cats and dogs!



    A woman came up behind her husband while he was enjoying his morning coffee and slapped him on the back of the head. "I found a piece of paper in your pant pocket with the name "Marylou" written on it," she said, furious. "You had better have an explanation." "Calm down, honey," the man replied. "Remember last week when I was at the dog track? That was the name of the dog I bet on." The next morning, his wife snuck up on him and smacked him again. "What was that for?" he complained. "Your dog called last night."


    Relationship Between Child Abuse and Pet Therapy
    Submitted by MC Butler

    In the city of New York in 1874, a neighbor reported to a mission worker that an 18 month old foster child was being abused and neglected. The mission worker was unable to obtain help for the child and the police couldn't intervene because they did not have custody of the child. The general attitude was that it was wrong to interfere between a parent and a child. Contact was finally made with Henry Bergh, the founder of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He was able to take the matter to court on the grounds that a child should at least have the protection that already existed legally for animals. As a result, the first society for the prevention of cruelty to children was organized. Over many years, this society evolved into Child Protective Services which investigates matters of child abuse. Because of the shared quality of innocence, animals and children frequently have a unique bond. This bond is clearly seen with Chance and Ellie when they visit the abused and neglected children in their classroom at the special school. Two children are selected by the principal of the school to participate in the "dog group" each week. The group consists of the two little Maltese, Chance & Ellie, their owner and a social worker. The group always begins with the children being taught how to be gentle (while feeling the small bones of the dogs). They're taught how to pick them up and put them down safely and how to call them when walking them on a leash - to never pull them. It's amazing how, having been so severely neglected and abused, these children are so very gentle and kind to these dogs. They quickly "remind" each other if they think that anyone isn't being gentle enough. It may be that learning about gentleness with these two little fluffy dogs is the only gentleness some of them have experienced and it may be something that they will remember when they grow up and need to choose between violence and kindness. We never know what will make an impression on a child - I'll bet Chance and Ellie make a very positive one.

  • Maltese Lover!

    I'm not the only Maltese crazy person out there, hooray!!! I was a confirmed "big dog snob" for many years. I have two airedales which I put confirmation titles on (owner handled--and groomed, and I have horribly callused fingers to prove it). I'm sure you know how "terrier people" can be--pretty much convinced that any member of the toy group is good only for little old blue-haired ladies and male hairdressers. But four years ago Dollye came into my familys life. Dollye came to us as a 16 week old fur ball with a bad bite and east-west shoulders. Gees, what an embarassment. Here I am the big show dog lady suddenly out walking this tiny little piece of fluff whose tongue can't seem to stay in her mouth. By day two, however, I was completely won over. Dollye has a heart as big as Montana. She changed my life--and I mean that sincerely. She is my constant companion who is in my lap the moment I sit down, who sleeps in my bed each night, and who has more personality than I ever thought possible in a dog. I am astonished at the depth of our love for each other. Every night I thank God for sending Dollye into our lives. Oh, and Dollye is absolutely, without question the queen of the house--she rules the roost. She is the alpha dog!! Our airedales defer to her on all matters. Keep up the good work on such a great site. I just had to share my family's maltese love story. Thanks. Diane.

  • CY's STORY
    Submitted by Sharon B

    Hi my name is Cyrius. I am over 10 years old, and this is a new name for me given to me by my new mom. When I came to live with her, I was really sick! I have improved some, but am still not well. She wanted a special name for me and since Cyrius is the brightest star in the sky and it is also known as the "dog star", that is what she named me. You see, when my Mom got me she didn't think that I would live very long and she wanted to be able to look up at the sky at night and be reminded of me after I was gone.

    At one time I think that I had a family that loved me, as I am potty trained to go outside, even though I do have accidents now and then, and I have been to a groomer as I was really well behaved when my new Mom took me, even though I was feeling so bad. My mom would like to know what happened to me recently, as when she got me I was in really bad shape. She was told that I was found wandering the streets in a big city next to the city in which she lives. She was told about me on a Sunday night and was asked if she could help by fostering me until a new home could be found, and she said yes. Of course there was nothing she could do until the next day. Another nice lady called the Humane Society where I was supposed to be, and was told that they were moving into a new building and she could not find out anything about me until Wednesday. So they had to wait and worry about me for 2 more days. Well, on Wednesday, this lady called again, and they told her that I was not there, that I was at Animal Control in another part of the city. I had been there all week. So when my Mom got off work, she went and picked up the other lady and they came to get me. My new Mom took me out of the cage, and held me, and I was not to sure about what was going to happen, so I started crying and trying to get down, but she just kept on holding me and stroking me. The people at animal control told Mom that they could not turn me over to her as a foster until the next day, so she asked if she adopted me if she could take me home that day, and they said yes. She had the other lady hold me while she filled out the papers, and I was not comfortable and kept trying to get down, so Mom came and got me and wrapped me in her sweater and started stroking me again, it felt so good and I settled down and went to sleep. After the paperwork was done, the lady told Mom again that I would have to stay until the next day, and Mom got really mad. I think she told the lady "There is no way that this little guy is going back into that cage, I was told if I adopted him he could go home with me today, and that is exactly what he is going to do!" See, I am deaf, so I don't hear what my Mom is saying, but I do know that she got really mad!

    On the way home, we stopped at my new vets. He checked me out and gave me some medicine for a upper respiratory infection I had. He told my Mom that I had cataracts and did not see well, and that my teeth were in really bad shape and most of them will need to be pulled. Then we went to my new home. I met my new sister Taffy, and my new brother JoJo. They seemed to like me right away, and I sniffed at them a little, but I was so tired, I went right to sleep. My Mom put me in a kennel next to her bed, and that is where I slept that first night. The next day, Mom took me to a groomer and they had to shave me. See, at one time I had pretty white hair, but I had had to lay in my own urine so many times, and it was all matted and yellow and smelly, and the only thing they could do without hurting me was to shave it off. But Mom bought me 2 new sweaters to keep me warm until my hair grows out again. When we got home I ate a little bit, and drank some water and went outside to go potty. But then I didn't eat anything else that day, and the next day I only drank a little water and didn't eat anything, and I did not go potty all day. By that night my Mom was getting pretty worried about me, so the next morning she took me back to the vet as soon as it opened. He took a look at me and said that I was dehydrated. He then took a blood sample, the kidney function was okay, but the test for the liver came back over 3 times what it should be. He told my mom that it did not look good for me. She started crying and asked him what he would do if he was in her place, and after some thought he shook his head and said "It would probably be best for Cy if we help him end his suffering." My mom said that she could not make that decision right then, she needed to think about it and wanted to talk to some friends. So she left me there and went home. She got on that machine that she talks to people with, I think it is a computer, and she talked to a nice lady named Libby and she talked to another nice lady named Mary on the computer and then on the phone. Then she called the lady that helped rescue me and they all together decided that it would probably be best to send me to Rainbow Bridge. So Mommy headed back to the vets office to hold me one last time and send me on my journey.

    Well, Dr Rick and I had other ideas! While Mommy was gone, he put a needle in my leg and started putting liquids into my body. He then forced me to try to eat, which I did eat a little. And then I decided that I was thirsty and drank a little water. When Mommy got there Dr Rick told her that he had started an IV and that I had perked up some and was drinking on my own and seemed to feel a little better. And he asked if he could keep me over the weekend and continue treating me, and they would see how I was doing on Monday. Well, she didn't like the idea of leaving me, but she said Okay. And I know she worried about me all weekend and was afraid that every time the phone rang it would be Dr. Rick saying that I was gone. But when she called on Monday morning they told her that I was doing a lot better and would be able to come home that afternoon. She was so happy to see me when she picked me up, and I was happy to see her too, I even gave her a kiss, and I do not give many kisses.

    On Tuesday, Mom had to go to work and had to leave me home. She thought I would be alone with just Taffy and JoJo, and she worried about me all day. She asked her boss if she could have the next day off and that way she would be able to be with me for 4 days and make sure I was eating and drinking. He said it was okay. And when she got home, she was surprised to see Daddy at home. He had taken the day off, so I was not at home alone after all. Mom used to confine me in the laundry room at night, with a nice bed, and water and food. She did this because she was not sure about my potty habits and also did not want me wandering around the house alone and probably get hurt. But one night I decided that I did not want to be left alone in there, so I started howling and screaming, and kept her awake. I made sure it was a night that she had to go to work the next morning and she needed to get to sleep. She took me into her bedroom, and made a bed for me in a laundry basket, and put it right next to her side of the bed. Well, I am a smart little guy, it only took me 2 nights to figure out how to get out of that basket. So now I am sleeping in a bed next to Mom, but without the basket. I am working to get in her bed, and she told me that when I am stronger, I will be able to sleep with her.

    Mom just made an appointment for me on Dec 3rd, to get my teeth done. She is really worried about it. She is afraid that I may not make it through the anesthetic. Dr Rick assured her that I should be just fine, but she is worried anyway. It is so nice to be in a warm home and know that I am loved. I really like it at night when I get chilly and start to shiver, Mom will take a bath towel and stick it in the dryer for a few minutes to warm it up, then she wraps me up in it and sits and holds me, and I snuggle down and go right to sleep. She keeps telling me that as soon as I get rid of these rotten teeth, I will feel so much better, and I might even start putting on some weight. I sure hope so, because I want to be able to run and play with my little sister Taffy and maybe JoJo will even play with me. Well, that is my story on how I was rescued by my new Mommy and found my forever home.


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    As quoted by Dr. Jane Leon, from America's Health Network, "Be good to your pets, they try so hard to be good to you and for you"

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  • Maltese Only News
    January 2000

    redbullet.gif - 0.1 KEditor's Note:
    Welcome to MalteseOnly News! MalteseOnly went online in May of 1996. Created by Jay and Bev Bianco of Mt. Morris, PA. Today several thousand visitors daily find themselves at this website.

    The Maltese Only site provides a multitude of information on the health, care and training of a Maltese. The Discussion Forum is the #1 breed specific discussion on the Internet.

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    Submitted by Libby

    WALDO is a 9 year old male Maltese who was turned over to NMR, Inc on September 3, 1999. We originally got a fax from his owners saying that Waldo had gone thru a series of traumas, starting with his sister being run over (several years ago), then the other dog in the family died of old age, and the last straw was his two cousin dogs, who lived next door, moved away. The owners said Waldo tried at every chance to run away and had lost his housebroken training. They talked to dog psychologists, and their advice to the owners was not valuable. Then the bottom line came when they said that they are moving to a new house at the end of the month and they could not envision taking Waldo with them. Waldo was adopted by a wonderful lady, Barb who said that he is great. Her Max (a Maltese) and Murphy (cat) love him. No problems at all. Thanx so much to Barb for giving Waldo the forever home he deserves.

    BEAU is a 4 year old Maltese who basically lived in a cage all his life. He did not have much human contact. He was used as a stud dog in a puppymill. The lady that got Beau from the puppymill had wanted to use him for the same purposes, which we were told she did and then she did not want him. She had placed him with 2 families but he ran away each time. Mary Harrigan of National Maltese Rescue Inc., so graciously picked him up and fostered while we looked for the right family. Mary made the appointment and got him neutered and up to date on all his shots. Mary worked with him for hours brushing and combing out his coat. He was a mass of mats. It took time but Beau soon learned to trust Mary. After much interviewing and trying to find the right home for Beau along came Joe and Diane who absolutely fell in love with him. Beau now has his forever home and is getting much love and a lot of spoiling. Another successful placement by National Maltese Rescue.

    * * * * * *
    Gossip column
    (Bianco's That's My Buddy)

    Note: When Libby asked me to do this gossip column I had to laugh. Ha! Me? Do a gossip column??!! My mommie (Bev) and my daddy (Jay) say that I am perfect for the job. Can't keep any secrets. So here goes. Daddy gave me my own email address so if you have any gossip worth printing please email me at:
    Now for the gossip!

    Well...I have it on good authority that Buster Johnson has a girlfriend. He got pictures from Laurel's Crissy. Crissy is looking at Busters picture on the PC and saying "Hey Mom! I like him! What a fox!" Can this be Internet love?

    BettyS's Lacee stole Daddy's wallet and took all of the cards and papers out. She only chewed off the corner of a dollar bill. Guess she didn't like the taste of money.

    Alex Braye wrote me and said: "I have to tell ya, I am having a terrific time. My grandma is here and she lets me sit on her lap all the time. When we are not sitting in the recliner, she carries me around in her arms. Sometimes she gets tired of holding me but then I go pull her on her skirt and tell her to play with me. Of course she doesn't want to all the time. One day I found her sweater and slept on it and because I was bored bit off all the buttons. I tell ya, mommy was not happy. Grandma did not say anything. I will miss her a lot when she leaves. In the meantime I give her lots of kisses."

    January 3rd is a special day for Cotton Styers. His mommy, Georgiann, told him that he is now15 years old. Cotton thinks that is pretty old, but he still feels like a puppy sometimes--especially when he fights with Nike to get through the door first and to get the first treat out of the box:-) Cottons mommy baked him a doggie cake and also some bones. Grandma said that mommy should wrap up my heart medication and make that my present. GRRR, Cotton said that they better not. That stuff tastes pretty bad! Cotton, believe me ...they wouldn't do that. If they do let your pal Buddy know and I'll make it known in my column! Happy Birthday Cotton.

    Journey is in trouble with his daddy. Seems the neighbors cat is pooping in Journeys yard and Journey is taking it upon himself to "clean it up"..Yuck-e-poo! Don't worry Journey...if that's the worst trouble you get into then life is a piece of cake!

    Looks like little Boris will be going on vacation with mommie Vita. He gets to go to the Carribean! Wow Boris! Mommie and daddy don't take me to fancy places like that. You will have to write and let me know how the trip goes.

    That's it for the gossip for this month. Stay tuned. I'll be watching and listening for more. Until next month...keep your head out the window and your tail to the sky. Happy New Year everyone!


    "Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting" Dr. Ian Dunbar

    "I care not for a man's religion who's dog and cat are not the better for it" Abraham Lincoln

    "Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House." Calvin Coolidge


    Year 2000 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will have TV coverage February 14 and 15. It will air live 8-11 pm (EST). The first night will include the Working, Terrier, TOY, and Non-Sporting groups; the second will feature the Sporting, Hound and Herding groups and Best in Show competition. USA Network will tape delay the broadcast outside the Eastern time zone.

    By Libby & Buster

    Welcome to the millennium issue of MalteseOnly News!

    Year 2000 finds many changes that has happened over the past year. MalteseOnly Newsletter started in July 1998 with only a handful of subscribers and was emailed out to everyone. Now with over 4,100 subscribers, Jay Bianco has perfected the newsletter and put it on the web with beautiful color and graphics. Great job Jay!

    The MalteseOnly Website has also grown once again to over 3,000 unique visitors daily. Remarkable! The Discussion Forum has changed to a Mega Forum with eight distinct forums under one roof making it bigger, better and more helpful and user friendly. Lots of new articles and points of interest have been added to the directory on the main page. A special Petloss & Tribute page was added and is maintained by Robin McDonald. Also added is the "Surgery Room" which shows the actual procedure for spay/neuter.

    A new Chatroom was put up with lots of fancy buttons and pictures for all to enjoy. This chatroom is hosted by myself and monitored as to not have anyone come in causing problems making it a safe and secure place to come discuss your furkid with others like yourselves.

    National Maltese Rescue become Incorporated; changing the name to National Maltese Rescue, Inc. With Jay Bianco as President and Libby Johnson as Secretary. NMR will soon have an official "Not-for-Profit" status making your donations tax deductible. NMR, Inc. has had many successful placements for 1999. All of these furkids have warm, loving homes and a chance at a wonderful life.

    A special feature added to the National Maltese Rescue, Inc. page is an "Online" button that shows when any NMR representative is online with Yahoo Pager. This makes us more accessible to questions that may come up with the rescue saving on phone bills. Great idea Jay!

    And last but not least, Woof Online Auction is into its 3rd year specializing in Maltese dog related items for you to bid on.


    Look for the 2nd annual Valentines Personals in the February issue of MalteseOnly News! If you have a special Valentines wish from your Maltese or to your Maltese please submit to me no later than January 29, 2000.

    Submitted by Buster Johnson

    I've heard a lot of talk about y2K9 and frankly I was getting a little worried. And I'll bet all you Maltese furkids out there have the same questions I did.

    In my search, I found talk about y2K9 bugs ... but no one seemed to have a real answer to what these bugs were! I can only imagine -- super fleas and ticks! It seems humans have been studying y2K9 bugs for years but when they think they find one, they fix it. Now, I am all for spaying and neutering -- but fixing bugs? And how come these y2K9 bugs have been studied for years but were only going to be here for maybe a few short days -- starting January 1? Also I found that humans think they are susceptible to these bugs too. Now my human has shared many things with me -- from dinner, to bed, to the favorite spot on the couch, but I don't think I want to be sharing bugs. Even if they are special y2K9 spayed and neutered bugs.

    Another part of the y2K9 thing that mystified me is the term y2K9 compliant. I *think* fellow canines; we are talking about obedience here. I am imagining compliance trials and compliance training schools. We all know how clicker training is changing dog and owner communication. I think we aren't going to have obedience titles anymore. We are going to become compliant Maltese dogs! Being a compliant Maltese dog sure makes it sound like the selective hearing that we all have from time to time will no longer be available to us canines as a way to train our humans.

    I don't think I like this y2K9 thing very much at all.

    In fact, I'm not even sure what they meant by the term. Or does y2K9 mean just what it says ... why two canines? Are they trying to limit households to one dog? What's that all about?

    Additionally, I read that humans were planning big celebrations for y2K9 eve and that many humans have been working for years on y2K9 plans. How come it's just now that us canines are hearing about it? Certainly it will take us some time to "put on the dog!" How can we have a big Maltese Party if we don't know about it?

    What about banking? I read there was gonna be banking problems at the change of the New Year. Does this mean no more biscuits at the drive through windows? Biscuits at the drive through is one of my great joys in life. But will y2K9 banking problems mean no more biscuits?

    Gas shortages, if it would have happened, it would have cut into our "Let's go for a ride!" fun. How can humans possibly think that we Maltese would be content to sit at home all day, day after day with no rides!

    People were stocking up in the event of shortages! Are we talking biscuit shortages and kibble in high demand? What about squeaky toys -- are they no longer going to squeak in y2K9?

    Well fellow Maltese, I was worried! But, I think this was one for the humans to sort out. I just sat back and watched -- just as long as it didn't interfere with the ready flow of biscuits, rides, and toys I didn't care one bit.

    Have big plans for a y2K9 celebration? Me? Nope, I just sat at home on the couch with my mommie watching all of the big Y2K celebrations and brought in the New Millennium safe and sound with not a care in the world. Happy New Year from Buster

    by R.M.Peluso

    We start with the best of intentions. Bring a new pup home, or provide refuge for a rescued pooch:love springs from our breasts. But who among us hasn't been perplex- ed or frustrated by the behaviors of our furry companions? You can spend the weekend lavishing affection on fido only to find, upon returning home Monday evening, your favorite sweater has been shredded. Perhaps, we receive surprising reports from our neighbors that our beloved pets have been barking all day. We aren't sure what to do when a dog refuses to walk more than two steps when taken out for exercise. Or maybe there's been a sudden change in behavior: an escalation of aggression; pacing and panting all night. Sometimes we aren't certain whether a problem is behavioral or medical. Wouldn't it be reassuring to know someone who could treat either type problem? Dr. Nicolas Dodman is a veterinarian, diagnostician and counselor who special- izes in behavioral pharmacology and runs the Tufts University Veterinary Center. His integrated approach combines diet, exercise, canine psychology and behavior, home environment and medical management. He has written two books on dogs: The Dog Who Loved Too Much and Dogs Behaving Badly. Writing with compassion for those creatures so close to our hearts, he emphasizes that dogs learn best through positive reinforcement: he clearly disdains harsh training methods, which rely on the discomfort or punishment of animals. Persons involved in animal rescue, will be heartened to read his condemnation of puppy mills. He lays the blame of disorders, such as separation anxiety, at the feet of those who run such reproductive farms- where pups are separated from their mothers at too young an age, then shipped to pet stores. Dr. Dodman laments the inadequate socialization and psychological damage suffered by the pups, deprived of their mothers, as well as the physical harm done by poor breeding. While there is much overlap in information presented in The Dog Who Loved Too Much and Dogs Behaving Badly, the books are stylistically different and there is additional information in the second book which make it worth a look. In The Dog Who Loved Too Much, Dr. Dodman describes fascinating case histories to illustrate various behavioral and medical syndromes, then describes the treatments for these problems. A handy summary at the end of each chapter saves time in locating the symptoms and treatment approaches for each syndrome. The disorders presented range from various types of aggression problems to fears and neurological disorders. He also discusses the importance of integrating newborn babies into the household to avoid jealousy and depression in the dog, or rare, but potentially devastating, attack on the newborn. Separation anxiety is a condition well known to those of us in rescue. Dr. Dodman describes its hallmarks: barking after the humans leave the house, destructive behavior, chewing on objects or themselves, anorexia (refusal to eat or drink) while the humans are away, elaborate greeting displays upon return to the house. Dr. Dodman calls these dogs, the Velcro ones, who follow their masters all over the house. He suggests a program to help the dog to stand on his own feet. He advises not to allow the dog to drape himself across your lap all the time: allow the dog to have his own space. He suggests ignoring the dog upon entering the house: make exits unceremonial. Altering the dogs expectations, and deconditioning them to the cues which signal departure, such as picking up your keys or putting on your coat. However, he admits that dogs are smart and will sooner or later begin to pick up other cues to departure. When all else fails, medications of the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant families may be helpful. Dr. Dodman describes rare conditions, as well. Rage Syndrome, for example, which he calls a "Jeckyll and Hyde" syndrome is characterized by sudden and unprovoked aggression of a most violent nature. There are mood changes before and after, a post aggressive depression and reduced responsiveness. There may be snapping at imaginary objects. The syndrome is seizure-related; therefore, a neurological examination, including EEG (electroencephalogram) are essential, to make the diagnosis. Dr. Dodman claims that some breeds are more susceptible to the disorder- English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Bull Terriers, for example. Dr. Dodman says that anti-convulsants like phenobarbitol produce promising treatment results, and it is no longer the case that all dogs with this disorder must be put down. Another strange neurological problem presents itself as chasing lights or snapping at imaginary or hallucinated objects, perhaps flies. Another rare condition is what Dr. Dodman terms "late onset" or "geriatric separation anxiety." When a dog, which previously may have only had a mild separation anxiety, begins pacing around the house at night, panting, clinging, whining, inappropriately seeking attention, urinating or defecating, Dodman asserts an undiagnosed illness may be the cause. He urges a thorough medical evaluation, including blood chemistry and X-rays. In his experience, the dog maybe anticipating tumors and other serious diseases before they are detectable by a cursory examination. Anti-anxiety medication, as well as pain relievers, along with other medical treatment may be prescribed. Many dog owners are puzzled by the repetitive licking of paws, which may cause severe ulceration in extreme form called, "licking granulomas." Dr. Dodman explains that licking may be akin to human obsessive-compulsive behaviors, such as repetitive hand washing. Behaviors of the obsessive-compulsive type are self- reinforcing as they release endorphins. He acknowledges that the licking behaviors may arise from stress or boredom;therefore, enriching the environment and occupying the dog maybe be important in treating the disorder. But Dr. Dodman also suggests a diet which is appropriate to the dogs level of activity; for example, avoiding a "high performance" diet if the dog does not get a lot of exercise. In fact, increasing exercise to twenty or thirty minutes a day may help. The medications of choice belong to the anti-obsessional class-Prozac or Anafranil. In Dogs Behaving Badly, behavioral and medical syndromes are presented in alphabetical form. In addition to the topics discussed in The Dog Who LovedToo Much, Dr. Dodman discusses maternal behavior and the phenomena of pseudopregnancies, as well as, the delusion of bitches who adopt objects as puppies. He gives a brief critique of varying dog training methods, such as harsh methods including the choke-collar, and those derived from the military. To an extent, he includes the Barbara Woodhouse method in that group, while acknowledging her positive contributions. He is more supportive of the use of the head halters (not to be confused with a muzzle), widely used in Britain, to gently enforce and guide movements. He also has positive words for clicker training, which I was delighted to find clearly and concisely explained. Dr. Dodman's books would have been welcome additions to the volumes I read to prepare for adopting my own rescued Maltese. His works continue to serve me as resources, just as they make for entertaining and illuminating first reads.

    Ask the Dog Training Instructor will return in February. If you have any questions to ask please email me and it will be printed in the next issue.

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