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December 2001

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How to recognize a reputable rescue organization? There are many people and groups calling themselves rescue. But we have to be honest here and tell you they are all not what they seem to be. There are something’s a family can do to help insure that they are dealing with a honest caring group. Is this group incorporated?
Is this group Tax exempt, non profit, can they provide proof if asked?
Do they have a board, and officers?
Is anyone paid a wage or salary for the work they do in the rescue or, is it run by volunteers, who donate their time,because of love of the breed?
Is there an adoption application form to be submitted before any adoption is considered?
Do they require all dogs placed to be spay/neutered?
When placing a dog in their care or adopting do they have formal paper work for you to fill out?
Is there an intake form asking all about the dog if you are placing it in rescue?
Do they provide you with information, in a form from the original owner?
Do they require/provide any vet paper work you might have, shot records, rabies certificate?
Do they invite you to go to their home to see where your pet will be staying in foster care?
When picking up a dog, are you welcome to go to the foster care home to get it or is that avoided?
How many dogs will be in one home while in foster care?
Are dogs kept in foster homes as part of the family, as a family pet?
Do they require references or ask to do a home check on families wanting to adopt?
Do they require a transfer of owner ship to that rescue?
Do they follow up on dogs once placed in a forever home?
Do they require dogs be returned to them if the adoption should not go right?
What is the return rate for that rescue?
Will they offer references that you can call for verification?
Can you call other families who have surrendered/adopted pets to them, as well as new families who have adopted?
Do they have an open web site that you can view all of the application forms and procedures they follow?
Do they offer to answer all of your questions in a open manner?
Do they offer you support in the future, to answer any questions they can to be there for you?

These are suggestions to help you find the right rescue to place your beloved pet in, or adopt from. Being responsible in finding a rescue can mean the difference in what kind of future your pet will have.

Mary Palmer, President/Rescue Coordinator
Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc.

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