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Maltese Only News
December 2001

Buddy's Gossip Column

When Libby and my pal Buster asked me to do this gossip column I had to laugh. Ha! Me? Do a gossip column??!! My mommie (Bev) and my daddy (Jay) say that I am perfect for the job. Can't keep any secrets. So here goes. Daddy gave me my own email address so if you have any gossip worth printing please send it to me.
Now for the gossip!

My good friend Buster was attacked by one of those "cat" things this weekend. Ugh...cats! I hate cats! Luckily his mommy protected him and took her arm and threw the cat thing across the room. Well that didn't teach the cat thing a lesson. She attacked Buster's mommy. Luckily both Buster and his mom are fine. Mom has a few scratches but she says it was worth protecting her boy. Don't worry Buster...I have sent out the cat disposal team. Down with cats I say!!!

Tessa has informed me that his mommy is trying to get him to walk on a leash. Well he shows her...he plants his feet and won't budge. His mom calls it a "leash game". Well Tessa...if you can get treats that way; I say "Go for it".

Hi Buddy..Taffy here. Mom says I'm getting too much exercise. I just love going outside in the cold weather. Don't worry mom. Just because you don't want to go out doesn't mean I don't. I'm tuff! I'm not a foo-foo boy.

Hey Buddy...Wolfie here. Well, it's come that time, my mom, Gloria is taking me in to go under the knife. Dad says NO! but mom is winning. She doubts my "pitch" can't get any higher than it is now. Ha!! She ain't heard nothin' yet. Wish me luck Buddy........later. Your pal, Wolfie.

Woh Woh tells me he likes to chase his tail. His mom says it's bad for him psychologically! Hahahahaha! No way. Us Malts just love doing it. Drives the humans crazy.

That's it for the gossip for this month. Stay tuned. I'll be watching and listening for more. Until next month...keep your head out the window and your tail to the sky!
(Bianco's That's My Buddy).

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