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Dog Doors
by Barbara Davis
Dog Doors I am wondering if any of you have information about two things. I would like to put in a doggie door for Annie that would lead to our enclosed yard so that she could go out when she pleases. Can anyone reccommend a good one or will any kind do? Has anyone had success with their Maltese in using a dog door.? The second question is along the same line...I have heard that there is some kind of door that fits into your sliding glass door also so that a pooch can go in and out. Does anyone out there know about this kind of door? Thanks so much for your help. Barbara and Annie


I have always had a dog door for my Maltese. They are great although my dog, Emma, refuses to go through any dog door with a flap. Hence I have had to remove the flap. But they are a really good idea!

Hi Barbara - when we ordered our steel security (with flyscreen) doors we got the back door specially made to incorporate a swinging perspex flap - there is no flyscreen just in this part of the door of course! The Beasties were a little unsure at first but got the hang of it very quickly. If we are going in/out they will actually wait for us to close the door because they prefer to use the flap! We wedge a metal grille (an old oven shelf) between the flap and the doorstep when we don't want them to go outside. I know that this doesn't answer most of your question, but what I am trying to say is that they learned to use the door within a couple of days. You can get one for glass sliding doors (I've seen them) but you may need to have it installed by a glazier.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Barbara (and Annie), I've tried several and really like the security of the Johnson Deluxe Pet Door. Be sure it's the Deluxe! JB Wholesale has them (1-800-526-0388). They also have the sliding door ones. The latter is pretty easy to put in. I would get a size larger than you actually need (you may get another dog later!!). You can also put the Deluxe in the wall, not just the door. Maltese are pretty agile, smart,etc and don't have much trouble learning the procedure. Mine learned it quicker than the golden or the cockerX. They catch on very fast to jump over and out! Treats help with a person on each side. I assume you have a safe yard? I don't go away from the house with the door open in NW FLorida because of hawks. I feel pretty comfortable with the other two dogs out there. Ellie is 10 pounds and a hawk probably would have to be really hefty himself to easily take her off! However, we live in a neighborhood between the beach and a swamp! If you do get on, it will help with toilet habits. And she'll love you for it!
Hi Barb, We have had doggie doors for many years and all our dogs have used them. At first they may be scared but they quickly get the idea and like running into the enclosed yard whenever the urge or need arises. Our first door was a Johnson Pet Door which fits in sliding glass doors. It was however flimsy for a big dog (we had a huge German Shepard and a Maltese at the time). My son used the same design and constructed a wonderful dog door out of wood and glass that fits into the sliding glass door frame and can be removed when I need to securely lock the door. It is really great and I highly recommend it.
Hello Beebers and Annie, I sure hope the good people are finding you a door so annie and I can go in and out at all times of the day. You and mom can sit down and rest from all the work you do. We can just go out at our leasure. Love Boo
I have the Johnson Pet-Dor for sliding doors also, in the cat size. The small size is sturdy enough. It is screwed into the frame on the frame side of the door and the latch is more secure than the original one on my door. It has a double flap (the inside flap opens to go out, they both open to come in) which makes it a little more weather-proof than some. It's also one of the reasons I have Niki and Gizmo - my first requirement for a new puppy, after we lost our Yorkie-mix, was that the full-grown babies had to fit through the door...they do, and they love the door, and I love them, so everyone is happy!!
Tricia R.
We,too, have used a Johnson Pet Door for many years. It is installed in the wall, which requires a built in passageway, and we have chosen to put the flap on the outside. Our floor is above grade, so we built a deck for her with a step leading to the patio. She uses the door 20-30 times a day. The only disadvantage is that she is not used to asking to go out, so if we visit people without a doggy door we have to be alert to her needs. When she starts looking for a door, it is time to take her outside. She loves the outdoors, and I can't imagine not having a doggy door.
Barbara, as you can see, from the other posts, dog doors are very common and useful. We had one in our sliding glass door from our other dog, and when we got our Puff we werent sure if she would take to it. At first, we had to build her a ramp from the door to the ground, because she couldnt go down stairs, only up. Then we had to coax her out and in the door using treats, then treats down the ramp to get her used to that. It only took 2 days of training and she was using the door on her own. And now that she can finally go downstairs, we can take down the ramp. The dog door has become a real carpet (as well as a sanity) saver. But during rainy days I have to keep an eye on my baby, since she hates to get wet, sometimes I have to literally put her out the door :)

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