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Re-Cute Puppy Cut
by Dottie
Re-Cute Puppy CutHi all, Tasha is in the photo album with her cute puppy cut that I tried to explain awhile back. Sorta cut her top knot off but she's still soooo cute.


Hi Dottie! Tasha is soo-ooo cute! I love that puppy cut she has. I will try it on my three when I give them their next haircut's!

Dottie, checked out the pic of Tasha....what a cutie pie!
Libby & Buster
I saw Tasha's picture, Dottie. That is such a cute cut for Tasha. Tasha looks soooo cute! Sorry I couldn't look at it longer but my little baby, Lalita, was there and she was getting jealous. I also have my baby in a short cut for the summer. I'll try that style next time. Lalita stil has the real long topnot and the long tail, but all her other hair is cut.
Opal, Lalita, & Veba
Dottie, she is gorgeous! I've seen this cut before and did not like it. You have the hair on the legs a lot longer. I love it! What a great cut for summer. Thanks.
April B.
Dottie,Tasha is so cute. I keep my girls, Munchkin and Amber, also short (puppy cut). This is easier for them and for me. Of course they need to go to groomer more often but I do not mind. Thanks for sharing Tasha's picture, she is adorable. Have a great day!
Dottie, Baxter's in love!!! What a doll-baby Tasha is! Rudy's 7 mos and his hair is getting really long - I'm really tempted now to get him cut back for the summer. Adorable!
Dottie, Looks cute, did you do it yourself or at the groomer. Does anyone know the proper blade for the body for the puppy cut. Does 4f for the Oster pro sound right? Linda and Dexter
Linda King
Linda in regards to your reply, no I did not cut her myself, even tho I am a hairdresser, I wouldn't know where to begin on a dog. Just to brush Tasha is a chore, she's so wiggly. On my clippers at the shop #4 would leave the hair the longest, so sounds good to me. Hope this helps and good luck.
Hi Linda! I use the Oster Golden A5 clipper with a 3/8" (#4) elite blade for the body. For the feet and face I use a smaller blade.

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