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My new little BOY
by Pat
My new little BOYHi; We got our little guy Benjee Last week he is now eleven weeks old. I am surpised at how smart he is is this normal or because he was the only baby in the litter? I have followed the advise on how to stop bitting and it is working also on how to potty train.I do keep him caged at night and that is also where I put him for his time out after he has a accident on the floor.I also use a NO NO can which is a pop can with pennys in it and if he is doing a NO NO I shake it and say "NO NO Benjee" He doesn't like the noise and it does get his attention.My trainier told me about this with my Cocker eleven years ago.And I found it works works very well. I don't like the newspaperidea or hitting them in any way as I don't want the to be afraid of ME. Has any one else got any good ideas on this.

Also can some one tell me about this petsilk shampoo everyone is talking about and where I can get it . Thanks


Congrat's on your new baby! I use Petsilk on my three babies and love it!! I have never used a better shampoo and conditioner - ever! It leaves their hair as soft as silk. You can go to the top of this forum and there is a Petsilk banner that will give you all the info. you need as to where to order it. Have fun with your new fur-baby!

Congratulations on your new baby, Benjee, Pat! You'll have many years of enjoyment with your new bundle of energy. I don't hit Lalita or Veba at all. I started using the can along with a squirt gun, and reinforcing it by saying the word "NO" firmly. I found both extremely effective! Now I find that I don't need anything just sayin the word "NO" is enough to make them stop whatever they are doing. It took about 3-4 weeks to get to that point. People seem to be amazed that Lalita and Veba are both so well mannered. I think the key is to let them know that THEY HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU in the beginning so that you won't have them ignoring you as they get older. I hope this helps. Lalita & Veba sending welcoming barks, and meows Benjee.
Opal, Lalita, & Veba
Pat, sounds like you are doing a great job. Just remember they are babies/puppies at this age and it will take time. Yes they do learn very fast and are very smart. Haven't tried the Pet Silk....
Libby & Buster
Hi Pat and Benjee - Congratulations to you! You're in for some great times with this little one and YES they are very smart babies. About the PetSilk - go to Jay's home page - under the Advertiser you will see Gordon Michael as a distributor and can order from him. Have fun and take lots of pictures.
Robin D.
Hi Pat and congratulations on your new boy! I have a new baby girl, Toby, who is 17 weeks old now. She came to live with us 3 weeks ago. She is my first puppy and I have been amazed at how quickly she learns...for potty training, I looked at an article I found on the left-hand side as you enter this site...it was great. Suggested a leash, this has worked quite well. Take a look at the article.

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