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Eye Problems?
by Tricia
Eye Problems? This past weekend, I had my 2 maltese at my mom's house. She pointed out that Beau's (9 mo) eyes looked "wall-eyed". In other words, they kind of look to the outside (opposite of cross-eyed). Now I'm worried that something may be wrong with his eyes like glaucoma. Is this normal for the breed to look like this, or have any of you had experience with this type of problem? Thanks!


Tricia: My youngest (6 months old) Annie has a similar condition. Her vet checked her eyes for glaucoma and she doesn't have that. I noticed her eyes will , what her vet says, "wander" out the same way your Beau's do. The vet wasn't concerned at all about this in regards to her health. He said it will not hurt her in any way ever. He said it is a genetic defect. Has Beau's eye's always done this? Or did this just start? Annie's eyes always have done this since the day I brought her home. It isn't a constant thing. If I am holding her or on the floor playing with her and I look straight into her eye's they will do this. The vet said there is a way to train the eye's to "undo" this. You just take a treat or a toy or anything that will interest him and have him sit in front of you and have him follow it with his eyes from side to side. It took Annie a while to sit still and practice this but she is doing better now. I just do this "therapy" about 5 minutes once a day. You should really take him to the vet and have it checked out. Hopefully it isn't anything serious. Take Care!

Angel, thanks for your answer. I think Beau's eyes have always been like this, but I'm not sure. He cocks his head from side to side when he looks at me. It's really cute, but now I'm wondering if it is to see better. I'm taking him in to the vet tomorrow. So, we'll see. My mom was concerned that his eyes may have been cut at the groomers. (Our dog I grew up with had trauma induced glaucoma from a scissor to the eye during grooming). Thanks again.

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