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Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that most of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinary medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.
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Ear Infections
by Stephanie
Ear Infections I have had my darling little Dustin Prancer (Dusty) for 4 years. The past couple of years, he has been victim to some horrendous ear infections. They happen overnight & take weeks to cure. I have done EVERYTHING to prevent these, but he suffers from at least 3 per year. Dusty really hates the pesky ear-drops & frequent trips to the vet--is there anything I can do? Another thing--he loves to be outside & I would hate to lessen his quality of life by keeping him indoors all of the time. I would appreciate any feedback. Dusty & I will be waiting....


I feel so bad that you both have to fight this, poor Dustin! I have only had to deal with ear infections a few times with previous dogs, so I have no cure for you, just keep doing what the vet says, and maybe get a second opinion. Here is just one little hint that I believe, but most won't. I do not pull all the fur from Taffys ears. I look, smell and watch her ears. I make sure the fur does not get too thick in there, but I do not clear all of it out. I feel it protects her ears from getting things in there, even dirt. I always, always am very careful not to ever get shampoo, conditioner or any water in her ears. Hold the ears down when you bathe. Take a washcloth if you must to wipe down the inside "flaps", but never get water or anything inside. I feel the majority of ear infections is from getting liquids inside the ear. I even think some liquid medications may keep it too moist inside, but at this point you have to get it cleared up somehow, so that may be the only way. I know this sounds gross, but I sniff Taffys ears almost everyday, if you smell a hint of foul odor, then you know there is an ear infection. They can also keep an ear irritated by shaking their heads, so when you are putting in medicine, one or two shakes may be necessary, but after that, do not let him shake his head if at all possible. Good luck!
Robin K.

Quigley's groomer has requested that after a bath that I dry the ear as much as I can and then to put boric acid powder, that you buy in walmart, in his ears. The excess Quigley shakes out. The groomer says that this will prevent infections, the vet agrees and says that if a redness occurs to use ear powder made for dogs, this is the same stuff basically but also has a buffer.

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