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Aftermath of a Summer Cut
by Lori & Mitzi
Aftermath of a Summer CutMitzi just had her first summer cut and I quess I should have told the groomer to give her a puppy cut instead. Is there a difference between the two cuts? Her hair is really short now! I know it will grow back. In the mean time she looks so frail and she's shaking constantly. She only about 2 1/2 lbs at 14 months old to begin with. Also since she had her hair cut she has had a few accidents in the house. Her bowel movement is really loose. She's never had that problem before. I did call the vet to make on appointment but the appointments not until Wednesday. Am I turning into a over protective worry-wart mom??? Thanks in advance=:)


Get back to the groomer and find out if they drugged her so they could groom her, she is small so they may have overdosed her, if you have a emergency hospital I would go there it things don't get better.

What a scary thought! If they drugged her without telling you or asking you first, I don't think I would go back to that groomer again. Just an opinion.
Thanks for the info. I did go back to the groomer to ask and she said she doesn't use any drugs at all. But guess who's not going back to her again!
Lori & Mitzi
What is this?? I've never heard of a groomer drugging a dog! Is this a normal practice? I will certainly make sure my groomer isn't doing this. There seems to be so many things I still don't know when it comes to the care of my dog.
Hi Lori, it sounds to me like your little one was traumatized by going to the groomers and getting her haircut. I have a very small baby too(2 pounds). I groom my dog's(I have three maltese) myself because when I did take them to the groomer they would come home and shake, have diarrhea, and just not act right. My 2 pound baby is now just getting over shaking from her haircut she had almost 2 months ago. I think they feel safer with more of their hair since they are soo-ooo small. And after a haircut they don't have their "security blanket" of hair anymore and they shake. This is just my observation of the situation. These ultra tiny babies get frightened very easily, so we just have to realize because of their size they are more prone to being afraid more, than say, a 5 pound dog would be. Did you ever consider grooming her yourself? I knew nothing about grooming, I went out and bought a grooming kit and started from there. It has taken me many bad haircuts to finally get it right. It saves a lot of money doing them yourself too! Hope your baby is feeling better!
Evidently anasthesia or drugging used to be a common practice among groomers. When I first mentioned that I was going to take Popcorn for his first grooming last year I was cautioned against using one of the groomers in town. She was suspected of anasthetising the dogs. When I did go to one, I asked about that, and was told that California passed a law, making it illegal just a few years ago! I understood that one way was putting pressure on a acupunture point. I know it's possible to do, since Daddy uses acupunture points along with his chiropractic. By the way, one of the other chiropractors in town has switched to animal chiropractic, no more people patients! Thank God, we have this website so we can be watchful for unscrupulous acts like this.

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