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Tear stain
by Dave Erdely
Tear stainI would appreciate any information I can get on how to and how to control tear stain. Is there any product on the market which may help me?


>Go to the archives and read about panmycin I have use it and Aurora face has very little staining.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (the raw, unpasteurized kind you find in health food stores and need to keep refrigerated) to two cups of filtered or bottled water for your dog's drinking water. Also, if you are feeding commercial kibble, only use a high quality one without dyes or chemical additives like the Innova or California Natural brands made by Natura Pet. Try this for a few weeks and see if there is any improvement. If not, there are loads of other suggestions in the archives on this web site.
Dave, My maltese Bobby had horrendous eye stain an I had tried everything including Tetracycline tablets from the vet nothing worked. Then I thought I would try 'Missing Link'. I have used this product continuously since Oct. 97 and IT WORKS! After only a week there was less tearing and gradually but definitely it improved. Now bobby has a spotlessly white face. It also helps pigment and coat quality and I have had no adverse effects at all so I can really recommend this product its nothing short of a miracle. I believe in the archives there is info on how to obtain it. All the best, Jacqui.
Dave, I have just read about a product called "Kojo Eye Conditioner" which you put in the eye to prevent tear staining, it is supposed to remove any blockages in the tear ducts and make secretions clear instead of red. Will be ordering some today and will let folks know how it goes - anyone else tried this product?
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Although many things can contribute to tearstaining, I put Taffy on Pro Plan dog food, but only a small change there. Then, we decided to get Natural Spring Water for all of us, and after only three days her tearstaining started going away. To me, it truly is a miracle cure! She has no more of it, and very little goop in her eyes at all. I am so happy that such a small change worked so well. I think its worth a try for anyone, before putting all kinds of stuff in your dogs eyes. Good luck!!
Robin K.
For the past week, I've tried giving my Lexie bottled water to prevent tear staining. It hasn't improved the situation at all. I haven't been able to find anything in the pet stores (except one product and I can't remember the name of it). I used this product that you rub with a cotton ball on her fur under the eyes and that hasn't helped either. :(
Jacqui,I also use missing link and it has helped but I still have a problem. Sometimes I can see the tears. How often and how much of the missing link do you use? Linda and Dexter

Our Sophie was spayed yesterday and I asked the vet to check her tear ducts at the same time. He flushed them but said that her tear ducts are so small that most likely they will block again. I guess I will have to resort to treating it topically. Hydrogen Peroxide has worked the best. Even the vet said that their are many products on the market but none of them work. By the way she is doing just fine after being spayed. Yesterday was the worst, she was really out of it all day. This morning she woke up eager to eat and pretty well back to her old mischievious self.

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