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itchy ears
by John
itchy earsmy 4 year old maltise is ever scratching and pawing at his ears, we have had the hair removed by the groomer, the vet has tried several ear drops, they seem to work for a week or two and then the itching returns, we have tried pills, drops, hair removal...we need help.....thank you


Hi John, My Bailey also had very itchy ears when she was a pup and it turned out to be ear mites. I had to use drops also but for about a month - are you using the drops for that long? They are pretty hard to get rid of. I don't know what else it could be but I'm sure you'll get some good advise here. Maybe this helps a little. Good Luck.
Robin D.

John: I note that KoKo is always fussing with her ears, especially in the morning. They is no smell so I know there isn't an infection. She just loves me to clean her ears, but hates me pulling the hairs. Maybe it's just a nervous habit.
John, Baxter had a terrible ear infection once and it took three to four months and three different kinds of antibiotics to finally find one that worked. Keep trying. The good thing about that trying period is that his tear stains, although minimal, completely disappeared and has never shown up again since.
John, once in a while it can be allergies causing itchy ears, too. They get a fungus in there if it goes on too long. I clean my dogs' ears every few days with a good ear wash. You can get it from the vet.
Are you using the medication long enough? Diva had a yeast infection in her ears, and was going crazy until I took her in. I now am very carefull to be sure the ears are dry inside and out to avoid this problem.
Mary P

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