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Spaying and personality
by Jean
Spaying and personalityI have a 2 year old female that has not been spayed. Will spaying her change her personality or make her get fat? I have another female maltese who is now 13 and it seems that she became less active and playful after she was spayed.


I was also concerned about a personality changed when I had my male Maltese done.But he was back to his normal playful self 4 days later! Don't worry

I had Lalita spayed when she was nine months old Jean, and I have not noticed a change in her weight or in her temperment. She was four pounds before the operation and she is still the same weight. There are a lot of benefits to getting your baby spayed if you do not plan to breed her. I would check out the archives. They have a lot of information. My Lalita is still my wild and crazy little girl ,sometimes I have to get her to calm down because she gets so excited. My cat, Veba, just looks at her like she is crazy, and looks at me as if to say "what have I done to deserve this silly ball of fluff." Veba wouldn't have it any other way, she really loves her baby sis. I hope this helps.
Opal, Lalita & Veba
I have three maltese and two have been spayed. Neither one of them showed any personality change whatsoever. My oldest girl gained a lot of weight after she was spayed. I don't know if it had to do with the spaying or not. When I got her she was eight months old and I had her spayed the week I got her. We rescued her -not through a maltese rescue-through a friend of a friend. Apparantely she was being neglected-not abused-because the previous couple that owned her just had a baby and didn't have time for her anymore, or so they said. She was severely underweight when we got her, and she only had the shots her breeder gave her-these people never took her to the vet all. She looked as though she had never even had a bath. It was very sad. But, with the proper vet care and grooming and love and attention, my Bianca(who is 2 yrs.9mo.'s old) is now a very spoiled and happy baby. So, she may have put on weight after the spaying due to these other circumstances.
Spaying and/or neutering from what I have read had nothing to do with changing personality or weight gain. Its mostly for medical reasons for a male.
Libby & Buster
Jean, I don't know about personality changes but I do know that after I was spayed, i started gaining weight. My husband (then) said I was a b----, but he said that before, too!! Seriously, all my females....all breeds...have always been spayed,(except for the one that wasn't...she died from breast cancer) and some have been inclined to gain weight. I just watch their weight carefully because I know it is possible....especially from my OWN experience! It's an excellent idea to have them spayed, just be careful about their weight.

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