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scatching for attention?
by Linda
scatching for attention? Iam new to this site .Find it very helpful and informative .Ihave a 6 mo .old fur baby and have some of the usual prob.,like tear staining ,but one Ihaven't seen is my baby will scratch at my and my families legsfor our attention ,hegets on his hind legs and scratchs untilyou do what ever it is he wants ,(picked up ,food, water set on your lap ,ect. ) he certainly doesn't lack for attention ,Iam home all the time with him (I am disabled and don't leave home a lot . ) We love him very much and give him lots of love and attention ,but his little claws can hurt .We tell him no,no and have tried ignoring him and not pick him up until he stops but it is to no avail .Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.


Fancy, who is nearly 4 yrs. old, has been doing the same thing to us since she was able to stand on 2 legs. In her case it always means she wants to be picked up and held. She and Spike both will sit on command so when she first started jumping and scratching I told her to sit and stay. It is so funny now because she will jump up and briefly do her little scratch then immediately sit without a single word out of my mouth, knowing that I will pick her up. Her brother, Spike, doesn't do it in order to be held. Instead, he wants you to rub his tummy. They don't do it to visitors, so I really don't consider it a problem, just one of their ways of communicating.
Mary, Fancy, & Spike

I am smiling as I read your post. My Jazz does the same thing. On another post I mentioned that she kind of hits the back of my legs when she wants up. At home when I am eating she does the scratching bit. I tell her to "back off" and go eat her own food. Then she waits a couple of minutes and then comes running towards me and smacks me with her paws. She'll stand on her hind legs and keep swatting me until I get really mad! (yeah right!). Anyway, I would just make sure his nails are kept trimmed and push him away with a word command and keep doing it until he gets the hint. ;)
You Mean I'm not alone in this?
Hi, Linda! Ignoring really is the preferred way , but you really have to be consistent. I know, that's hard! You might teach him to ring a bell or scratch something else that's always nearby. In other words, when he scratches and you want to pick him up, ring the bell or direct his scratching to something else. Ignoring is the best way and the easiest. You confuse them if you don't give them a signal (word or hand) of some sort for when it's okay. Your call!
Diva does the very same thing. When she wants her attention, and feels like she is not getting her share she starts in on my leg. And believe me it's not like she isn't the center of my life or anything :).

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