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feeding my Maltese
by Carol Rutherford
feeding my Maltese Mellie is 7 mos old. How much should I feed her and what kind of food. I almost ruined her with table food. Thanks if u can help.


Carol, how much does Mellie weigh? How active is she? How did she almost get "ruined". What happened? You should try to get her onto a good quality puppy food. If she's become accustomed to table scraps, this might be quite difficult. If she's small and almost to her adult weight, I think dog food would be okay. My 7 month old has been on California Natural (dry dog food) for about six weeks or so and is doing quite well. Puppy food can be quite bland and they can get bored with it. Try a little canned food (less than a teaspoon) and mix it up with warm water to make a gravy, then put in the dry food and mix it up really well. Depending on her size, she should be fed 2 to 3 times per day. Put the food down for 20 minutes, then take it up until the next scheduled feeding time and then down again for 20 minutes. She'll get the message. There's my two cents... Marie P.S. No snacks! (Something to chew is okay, though.) Good luck!

Dear Carol: You should start right away with a puppy-food diet for Mellie - and no table scraps! Be brave. She will probably complain and not eat her food till she knows she will not sway you with a hunger-strike. Dogs will not starve themselves if food is available.

Everyone has a different "perfect feeding plan" that they suggest. The one that Otto and I like is for me to put about a half cup of dry puppy food (small bite) out in the morning. I leave it down for him to nibble on if he wants. Fresh water, too. At suppertime, I put another half cup in the bowl. Fresh water, too. Some days he eats a lot, others not so much. It is ok. Biscuit treat whenever. For his pearly-whites. Delicious doggy snacks when he has been especially good, or when we are learning a new trick. If he wants my food, I give him a doggy biscuit. He must think that I eat them, too. So, this is our (me n' Otto's) version of what to eat! You'll find out what works best for you!

If you want my advice please don't feed table food You will be very sorry because not only is it bad for them but the dog will beg all the time and you will never eat in peace.
Hi- My Vet Told told me table food is no problem as long as you can get it to eat a ballenced diet. and if you cant, sub a vitaman Our keepsake likes lima beans for her vegi, take care

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