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Danger to other pets?
by Carol Friesen
Danger to other pets?My daughter desperately wants to have a pet rabbit, but we are afraid our Maltese might try to kill it. Is there a danger? She is not much bigger than a rabbit herself.


It is possible to have varied species living together nicely. A lot depends on your dog's temperment. With the proper introduction and careful monitoring it could be done. I lived on a farm for years, cats, dogs & chickens had the run of the barnyard area. I have pictures of one of my cats and a chicken eating out of the same dish. That same cat killed a wild rabbit a few days later. We worked very hard with the animals to let them know that any other animal that was "family" was off limits. For the most part they ignored each other. Good Luck!

Only you know how aggressive your Maltese is. However, have you ever thought of how much a full grown rabbit could hurt your maltese? A friend of the family got a rabbit for their son. When the cat would come up to sniff the bunny, the rabbit would go into hysterics kicking the cat with its hind legs. Their legs are rather strong believe it or not! When the rabbit bit the cat on the back they decided to send the rabbit to live with grandpa on the ranch. Just something to think about . . .
It does depend on the temperament of both animals. One of Taffys "best friends" was a ferret that my son had here for a few months. They romped and played all the time and never hurt each other at all. It's the only animal that has really played with Taffy and she missed him when he left. All her doggy friends are kind of snooty and won't play with her. Just monitor and never leave them alone together.
Robin K.
We had a rabbit once. Cubbie would bark, but he never ever hurt it. It was our cat that we had to worry about.
Felicia & Cubbie

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