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We recently purchased a Maltese puppy. Pepper is 13 weeks old. He has been in the home now for 2 weeks. We have a crate for him, but feel guilty keeping him penned all the time. We've tried using a playpen (leftover from our children) for him to play in, but he has no problem urinating in there while he will not urinate in his crate. He has also had several accidents on the carpeting. I have now gone back to our original plan of keeping him in the crate for the majority of the time. I have completely eliminated the playpen. I take him outside first thing in the a.m., feed/water him, allow him some play time with the family (15-20 min as I fear for his "potty trainingi" accidents on my carpeting) & weather permitting he will run around outside for a short time. This pattern (i.e. outside, feeding, play etc). occurs approx every 3 hours during the day. My question is whether or not this is the proper way to house train him & is he being penned too much? I also like him in the crate to insure his safety from the children & chewing hazards while I do my housework etc. While the children are gentle and loving with him, I like to supervise them with him at all times.

Help! We have a 7 week-old female Maltese that we adore. However, she is eliminating almost hourly at night.Our sleep is at a minimum.The last feeding is between 6:30-7:00 p.m. After her dinner, all food and water are taken up. We feed her three times daily, and only leave food down for fifteen minutes(she usually eats all of it). Any suggestions?
Garry Murphree

I have two malteses.. One is male, 1 1/2 yrs and 3 1/2 lbs. The other is female, 8 mo, 2 3/4 lbs. The male has been trained for a long time only on wee wee pads. The female is taking longer to train as I bought her at 8 months and she was trained outdoors.. I am re-training her on wee wee pads. My older male has accidents (#2) whenever and wherever. Cant figure it out cause he is totally housebroken. Its almost like he enjoys defying me. My female makes it quite nicely to the pads but when goes into any r I call these precious creatures DITZY cause they know better. I have heard that this is not uncommon among the breed. Anyone got a similar problem? Would like to hear from you. Thanks.

My NiNi is having trouble housebreaking. We had tried to train him to use the restroom in a small open box with newspaper on the bottom but he won't use it. At first he did but then he stopped. He's only three months and is really smart. He can already do tricks. The only thing he won't do is housebreak. Usually when he has an accident and we catch him doing it we would pick him up and call him a bad NiNi and show him the box. He would just sit there with his puppy eyes or stratch the box. Yesterday he was chewing on a book and i shook my finger at him and called him a bad dog and don't chew and he just automatically went to the box. Does he think it's a punishment box? Is that why he won't use it to potty anymore? Is he still housetrainable?

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