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Snoopy WAS trained!
by Xiomara Perez
Snoopy WAS trained!Hi, I am hoping that one of you out there can help me as you have helped others. My baby is 2 yrs old, he is very smart. Potty training was not a problem at all.....until now. I moved about 3 months ago. He was doing his poopy & peepee outside for the first couple of days, but then he just started going down hill. I work from 8:30 to 5:30, Mon-Fri, he goes outside before I leave and as soon as I get home, and anytime he asks me while I am at home. Now everytime I get home I find that he has done Poopy on the carpet, this has become his daily routine. At first I though it was because of the change, but I think it has been more than enough time for him to get used to it. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am desparate!!! No matter what I do it makes no difference. He still has a surprise for me everyday. I miss coming home and greeting him with as much excitement as he does, but it's hard knowing what he has done.. PLEASE HELP !!!!


You should confine your baby while you are at work. dont give him run of the house. If he's confined to a small uncarpeted room, you won't mind cleaning up and he'll soon discover that he doesn't like soiling his small area!!! He's probably enjoying the attention eventhough it's negative because he's is in a new place and feeling very insecure.

Had the same problem with Shayna and it was back in the crate. She went back to that crate so many times her head was spinning. She is now 18 months old and is finally coming around. However, now that I've said something good about her training, she'll have an accident [bad] and it will be back in the crate again. She doesn't like us to go out. Well too bad for her, it's back in the crate. I know it is hard for you, but in the long run it is best for the dog. I was so angry on day, I took a piece of newspaper rolled up and showed her her mess while hitting the FLOOR. My hubby was sleeping and called out, "I hope you weren't hitting the dog". I said, "if I'd have hit her, I'd have killed" her. She is doing so well, we are talking about removing the puppy john.
He probably was initially stressed by the move, he pooped a couple of times, you probably were upset, you still are....he know it and now you have a vicious cycle. From now on why don't you ignore the poop while he's watching and clean it up while he's busy doing something else. In other words, don't make a deal of it and he MAY quit leaving you the presents. They don't think like we do and he just might think he's pleasing you. I'll bet he sure gets lots of attention when you find it!
Well, I knew it, if I said something good about Shayna, she'd have to prove me wrong. The girls were alone most of the day, we came home at dinner, walked and feed them and went to a movie. When we returned from the movie apparently the "Lean Mean Wall Eating Machine" had gained access to our home. Couldn't believe it, she hadn't done that in 6 months. This time Daddy did the scolding and Shayna was not a happy camper. She was walked, did nothing, and put in her crate. One hour later, I walked her and she piddled and I let her sleep with me. She doesn't like us being gone so much and that is her message to us. Went we go golfing later, Shayna will be in the crate. If it isn't one thing it's another.
Oh My! Can this be the poopers-anonymous group? My 14 yr old stepson has been visiting us for a week from Florida and he and Rudy had their first meeting. My stepson means well, but he's just in their faces too much. Well, Rudy had a complete reversal in housetraining and just when he was doing so well. And something new this time - he POOPED! He's never done that since we brought him home. Anne, you say to not let them see you clean it up. Can you explain why? I made a big deal about cleaning it up, two days ago, last night and again earlier today. Obviously, this isn't working. What is it about them seeing you clean it up?
Thanks, I will start trying out your suggestion with on ignoring Snoopy. I think that may work. A funny thing has happened the past few days. I just bought a puppy for my little brother from a breeder. I am not sure what their way of training him was, but the puppy is great!!. In order not to discourage the puppy I praise him with lots of attention after we go outside and he does poopy & peepee. Snoopy however just gets the good boy response. Well, for the past three days I have not had a present in my house. My opinion is that he might have really felt left out when I was praising the puppy, and not giving him negative nor positive attention. These past three days I have made sure that I greet him with all the attention to make sure he understands that now mommy is happy to see him. The puppy will be gone soon, so in case he starts surprising me again, ignoring will be my response....If that does not work I am afraid, although I have never been a fan, nor have i ever done it, I am going to have to buy a crate...I hope I don't have to do that... Thanks again everyone!!!:[
???????why not let them see you clean it up???????? I'll *read* straight from Bill Campbell (behaviorist):

(Those of us who follow Bill don't always ask "why"! We just do whatever he says!)

"Secret Cleanup: Old-fashioned house training methods tell us to grab a pup or dog, stick his nose in or near a mess, and scold or punish him physically. This kind of treatment is not necessary and may even slow down your house training program.

Instead, if an accident is discovered, just whisk your pet out to his proper toilet area. Leave him there while you clean up the mess. Make sure the dog cannot see you cleaning up the urine or fecal matter. Strangely , many animals find it rewarding to witness their people picking up their stools or urine. They often leave another 'present' at the next opportunity, like a little game of 'poop-n-scoop.' They poop and their people scoop."

Now, had I just thrown that out there as my own information, who would've believed me??!! But when Bill Campbell says it, people listen!

Anne, thanks for the explanation. Makes sense to me. By the way, the only thing I really don't like about "conversing" like this is that there is no voice inflection. I wasn't challenging you in any way when I asked my question about why they're not supposed to see you clean it up. I really value the information you have posted here on this website and I always look forward to your posts when I see a question about behavior. Please continue to educate me and thanks for all your input. I, for one, really appreciate it.
Marie, lack of inflection is a problem, isn't it?! I didn't think for a sec that you were questioning!! I wish I knew all the whys....I just know what works from what I 've learned along the way, by experience, from seminars, or reading. I 've been lucky enough to attend a conference by Bill Campbell and Boy, is he great!!!

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