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frequent bathroom trips
by Lisa
frequent bathroom tripsMy 6 year old Maltese Molly has always been a very healthy dog. But recently she has been waking me up at least twice in the middle of the night to go out to the bathroom. I certainly don't mind because I live on a big farm but I am concerned that something may been wrong. She shows no signs of being sick and had a check-up only a few months ago. Can anyone help?


Sounds like your baby has a bladder infection. A trip to your vet is in order. Even if she was examined a few month's ago, these things can literally happen overnight.

Lisa, if Molly is also very thirsty I would get the vet to check the sugar levels in her urine for diabetes (just to be on the safe side). Hope there is nothing wrong.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Lisa, has anything in her routine changed ? Has she started getting her something to drink right before bedtime or drinking more than usual ? Sometimes illnesses are so subtle that we aren't aware of them until something becomes obvious. It may be worth a call to the vet to see what he/she wants you to look for or maybe a follow up to her check-up.
Lisa,That is usually sign of a urinary infection. You need to call your vet, so he/she can prescribe something. Happens to my malteses once in a while too. Good Luck.
Lisa, I would take Molly back to the vet and maybe take stool and urine samples with you. Could be some sort of infection. Good luck.

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