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Spaying ordeal is done
by Dottie
Spaying ordeal is doneTasha went in yesterday to be spayed, WOW was Ia basket case. I picked her up at 4:30, what a pathetic little doggie. She was so groggy! I held her for 2 hrs. and then took her out to wee wee, which she did, put her in her crate and she slept from 7:30P.M. til 5:00 this A.M. She's still groggy but much better than yesterday Sooooo glad this is all over, thank you all for your support, this is such a wonderful web-site, I appreciate all your responses. Thanx again. BTW I sent Jay a picture of her puppy cut it should be in the album this weekend.


Hi Dottie, I'm so glad everything went well for you and Tasha! Isn't it like a weight has been lifted from your shoulder's? I went through it twice and have to have my youngest done in July. Unless I chicken out and wait until she's a year old and have her spayed in October. I'll deal with it when the time comes. I can't wait to see the picture you sent to the photo album! Hope Tasha has a speedy recovery:-)

Dottie: So glad your baby is doing so well. I know it's a dificult thing to go through, but now it is all up hill for you both. Licks and tail wags from KoKo and Shayna.
Dottie, I know how relieved you are! I think you may be surprised at how quickly your little one recovers. I had a terrible time convincing Phoebe to behave and keep calm so as not to rip out sutures! So glad the ordeal is over and that your baby is home again under your watchful eye and loving care.
Leslie R
Dottie, so glad things went well....licks and wags from Buster to Tasha
Libby & Buster
Hi Dotti, Glad everything went well for Tasha. You will be amazed by how quickly she will recooperate. It took my Bailey 2 days and she was back to her old self. Looking forward to see Tasha's puppy cut!
Robin D.
Tasha, I'm SO GLAD to hear you're doing well. I checked every day since Monday to see if there was any news about you. Your Mom was a wreck, like all of us Moms get when you babies are hurting. Welcome back and it's all uphill from here. Rudy just asked to come in my lap so he could help me finish writing this. Licks to you from him and Baxter (and a hug for Mom) Marie
Thanx again for all your support. 48 hrs later and SHE"S BACK! Unbelievable! She is running, jumping, just like nothing happened. This is Thurs. nite, the sugery was Mon., I'm totaly amazed. My Vet called me twice, after I cried so bad when I brought her in and then again when I picked up this pathetic litttle puppy. I have 100% confidence in her (my Vet), she really took the time to be concerned. Thanx again.

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