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by Marcia Swanson
PoisoningYesterday as I was going out the front door, Daisy (7 months and 5 pounds) shot past me doing about 55 mph. I called her and chased her. She dashed into the nextdoor neighbors yard. When I caught her, she was licking something off the ground. It was fireant poison! My neighbor did not know what kind, said the pesticide company had put it down that morning. My vet was closed, poison control said the couldn't help without knowing what kind of poison. We ended up pouring 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide down her to make her throw up and bundling her to the nearest 24-hour pet emergency center (25 miles away through heavy traffic). It took us an hour to get there. The vet treated her with activated charcoal and said not to bathe her in flea shampoo for 10 days. I want to warn everyone. Even if your yard is safe and pesticide-free it only takes a second (and with our tiny fur-babies it only takes a few bites) for a tragedy. While we were there, an owner brought in his lab puppy who had licked antifreeze off the driveway. Please everyone -- be very careful!


Please keep us informed how Daisy is doing. I agree with everything you have said. They are like 2 year olds and will always be that way. You need eyes in the back of your head sometimes. thank you for sharing your story.

Marsha, So glad Daisy is ok...yes you definately have to watche these little guys/girls very closely. My Buster is a very nosey little guy and requires constant attention. Thanx for sharing this info.
Libby & Buster
Thank's for the warning Marcia. I try to keep a close eye on Lalita and Veba, but you are right. It doesn't take much. They are just like little kids. Daisy is fortunate to have such a concerned Mommy. Lalita & Veba send soft woofs and meows to you for being on the ball, and loving kisses to Daisy. Is she okay? I hope everything is back to "normal" today.
Opal, Lalita, Veba
Thanks for the Warning and I'm sure glad your baby is O.K. We could all use reminders like this every now and then.
Robin D.
Marcie, I am very happy to read that Daisy is ok. Thank you for the warning.
Marcia, how scary! Glad you were able to respond so quickly (that ride to the vet had to be the WORST!). When Baxter was little, he got a Dyazide capsule (prescription drug for water retention) and I caught him with the remnants of the capsule. I called the vet and he said to give a few drops of Ipecac. My husband quickly got to the drug store. Baxter threw up within minutes of getting this stuff into him. I now keep this stuff on hand and it goes with us on vacation. (Thank God I've never had to use it again.) So glad Daisy is okay.

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