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Tylan for tearstaining?
by Tricia
Tylan for tearstaining?Hi everybody. I just drove 4 hours to pick up my new baby, "Peep". She joins 9 mo old Beau. All of the maltese at the breeder's had beautiful white faces; not a trace of tearstains. I asked her what she used and she showed me this powder called Tylan. It's apparently for chickens, and she gets it at the vet. 1/8 of a teaspoon added to a quart of her dog's water neutralizes the tears so they don't stain. Have any of you ever heard/used Tylan? I looked for it at my pet store, but they didn't have any. I guess I have to go through the vets. Is it safe? It certainly seems to work, as even my new puppy is as white as snow. Thanks.


Tricia, I just stopped at the Vet's and my Doc was there but his Associate said, she had not heard of it. Called it a different name and said something about using it for chickens. Are you sure about the name and spelling?

The original use for Tylan is for chickens. It is very effective for tearstains, but has a very bitter taste. Sassy would not drink water it was in, so we hide it in liverwurst.
>Tricia ! The stuff you're referring to is Tetracycline, it is also called Oxycycline and other names. Do NOT use anything like that on a puppy, you will be running is fragile immune system DOWN ! If you later use it, DO NOT use in any metal container. Chances are the puppies stain will dissipate on it's own, give it time, and start on filtered water instead, the puppy might have been on soft canned food which might have had food coloring added which will stain their faces. Tetracycline will definitely yellow a babies teeth !!!
It works,really, you can order it through Omaha Vac. Just give your little one a tiny tiny pinch in her mouth once each day for about ten days. When I say Tiny I mean like a 16th of a teaspoon or less. It should clear it up right away. You my need to treat your baby again. I would not use it on a regular basis, because it is a antibiotic, and may weaken her immune system.

Come on , are you guys nuts? Feeding a chemical intended for chickens to these precious little dogs? You have no idea what you might be damaging internally - livers, kidneys, who knows? If you don't want tear stains, use tiny scissors to clip away the mucous and stained hair under the eyes, clean frequently with damp rag, and carefully remove tiny strands of hair that accumulate inside the eye. Takes 5 minutes a week.
I agree with Paula. I trim the hair that is stained and wash their faces daily. When I comb them daily I use a flea comb on their faces and it really gets the gunk off. My oldest Bianca is the only one of the three that has tear stains. She has them bad too. I had her checked out at the vet and her tear duct's aren't blocked so I do what I can do to keep the face clean and dry. No way would I put a formula intended for a chicken in their water or in their little mouth's. I'm too afraid something would happen to them from it.
Paula, You go girl

Thanks everybody for the messages. I couldn't get into the archives for a couple of days, (got an error message). Anyway, there is info in there about Tylan for anyone interested. I talked to my vet yesterday about it. He echoed alot of what you all said. Said it would be fine on my older dog, though. I live in Omaha, so getting it from Omaha vaccine is easy. I agree that I do do worry about long term affects, though, so I haven't used it yet. Anyone out there used it for a while? Thanks!
Paula ! some people are so VAIN and don't have a clue what they're doing ! Folks, this is NOT a perfect world we live in...let the dog be a dog !

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