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Going on vacation..
by Chris
Going on vacation..Mom and Dad are leaving Jack for the first time and Mom is having a very hard time with it. She is afraid Jack will be extremely depressed while we are gone. Jack and Mom are very close and have never been away from each other longer than a day. Any suggestions on how to keep Jack and Mom happy while they are apart.Thanks.


You didn't say whether he would be in his own home or not. But, if not, let him take along with him an old sweashirt, T-Shirt, sock, etc. from home with the scent of the owner. This might make him more comfortable. Plus, pack favorite toys, same food, etc. He'll be okay. Good luck!

We are having the same "problem" and have postponed every trip since last April. Last summer, though, we took Tim to the island of Mallorca (Spain) with us. Only being 6 months, he enjoyed the vacation with us very much (in a private house) and was allowed on the beach. He was happy and we were happy too. Can you take your maltese with you? If not, I'd suggest you leave your dog with people he is attached to (grandpa, sister, good fried etc.). We had tried that out for one night and obviously we missed Tim more than he did miss us. The best solution: Find somebody who comes to live at your place while you are gone, so at least Jack does not have to switch environment. Hope this helps!
"Mom" and "Dad" had to leave little Lily-puppy for 3 WHOLE WEEKS and Mom was just about a basketcase. We left her with our vet, not at a kennel, (we live in Korea) but I was still a worrying disaster - she was going to be spayed during this stay too, since the vet would have her so long, and the thought of not being there during her surgery was almost too much. BUT, the vet had our emergency number in the States while we were gone so I knew that he would call if anything went wrong...

Of course, nothing did go wrong. My little Lily was her squiggly, wagging-tail, tongue-a-lickin' hyper little self when I picked her up. I realized that all of my worrying and nightmares (literally, I woke up yelling, "my baby, my baby!!!" one night) were all totally unecessary. All I can say is that, it's perfectly normal to worry about our fur-babies, but they DO survive without us (for a little while, at least.) Try not to worry. Your little Jack will be just fine and think of it as a new, fun experience for him to be with other people or other dogs. And look forward to how happy he will be when you come get him to take him home. Hope this helps!
Lori & Lily

I know exactly what mom is going through when I went on a trip where I couldnt take my baby Gracie I had the worst time until the day before I was comming home.( I even cried when I got out of the shower the first day when she wasnt laying there on the towel waiting for me to get out of the shower like she always does :-( ) I did take a stuffed toy of hers and I left one of my t shirts for her to sleep with in her crate she stayed with my mom so I knew she would be taken care of and she seemed alright according to my mom. So as long as you know who is taking care of your baby and that they are good to him he will be okay and you will make it or mom will I know this doesnt help but I just wanted to say I know what you are going through !!!
Donna & Gracie

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