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Too friendly /No fear
by Joy
Too friendly /No fearOur 'almost' 1 year old Monique (b/day 4/18) is so happy to see any/all visitors who come to our home. She ignores my husband and I and darts for the company--even the furniture delivery man. Then I'm on the run to try to catch her. I think she has an adorable personality, but I'm not sure everyone who comes to visit appreciates it. Is this the maltese personality? She stands on her hind legs and begs them to pick her up or will sit by 'their' feet. My husband thinks this is so cute, but I'm thinking it's bad behavior---what do you think? (Although, she's 100% better than the Dachshund we had for 8 years who growled and lunged at company--she always had to be crated at company time. Monique barks and runs the fence when our neighbor's Bulldogs are outside. She seems to have no fear of these big dogs. I guess this is common too!!!!


My Darby is also personality plus when it comes to humans. He just loves people, and although he plays well with Muffin, our old lady lhasa, he does not like other dogs. I assume it meant that he was not the most aggressive in the litter, and has had positive people experiences which have reinforced his affection for all things human. Darby stayed with a friend of mine for 2 days a couple of weeks ago when I went out of town. My friend was so happy at how friendly he was to her when we dropped him off. When we picked him up she was(of course) "in love" with him, but said, "you know, he loves EVERYBODY!!!" I guess she was a little hurt it wasn't just her charm! I said well, he hasn't had any negative experiences with people that I knew of...I think that is a good thing! I would say your baby is just fine too!

>Angel acts the same way. It is a little embarrassing the way she acts like she is starved for attention. I think they know how cute they are and they think company should be honored to pet and hold them. As for the no fear thing, Angel is just like that too. We used to have this mean little dog right next door. To this day, I think it was her that taught Angel to bark. Anyway, when I'd be outside with Angel and that little dog was tied up, Angel would parade past her back and forth just on the lot line. Almost like she was taunting her with ha ha you can't catch me. That dog would just go crazy barking and snarling. One day the rope from that dog broke and she torn after Angel like a bat out of you know where. Angel wasn't so brave then. She rolled over in the submissive position. Luckily, I was right there and managed to get to Angel before that dog could do any harm. It even tried to bite me. So I'm hoping she has learned to be more cautious. Happily, the mean little dog has moved. Must be a Maltese thing.
Sandee M.
P.S. Happy Birthday, Monique!!
Sandee M.
Joy, Jack is going on 2 and he does the same thing. The second someone new comes in the house he sits at their feet and begs for them to pick him up. I dont see it as a problem. If the person who is visiting does not like dogs then I will pick Jack up myself. Otherwise, the visitor will pay attention to him for a minute or two and he is satisfied. Don't know if this helps, but I am in the same boat as you. Chris and Jack
Joy, I think I would be happy about that! My Taffy is the total opposite. She barks at everybody. When the doorbell rings, or a neighbor is outside in their yard working, or a big german sheppard is near her, she barks like a little monster killer dog! Now that the weather is getting warmer, I try to take her outside more often. She comes with me to my daughter's track meets and barks like an attack dog, I'm constantly saying, shes protecting me, like a broken record. Its so embarrising and annoying, I can't even talk with friends! But is my sister and neice bring their little malts here, they are smaller then Taffy, she acts like a little lamb. Go figure. Maybe she feels threatened by big things who knows, I wish she were different, so be happy, you could have a Taffy!
Margaret & Taffy
Joy, aren't you lucky to have such a friendly dog! Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but she sounds to me like a very well socialized and normal Maltese.
My Cubbie loves new people too. But his favorite visitor is grandma! He jumps for joy whenever he hears her "yoo-hoo". We always tell people to give him five minutes and he will settle down and snuggle on your lap or next to you. He has the most delightful personality. Sounds like you have a delightful Maltese too! Enjoy it!!
My Lexie is the same way. She thinks delivery men are her friends. When my wife and I have friends over, Lexie thinks they came specfically to see her. She jumps all over them. She loves people. Unfortunately not everyone loves dogs.
Thanks so much for all the input!!! I think this must just be the Maltese personality--which I think is precious--just never had such a socialite before!! I must say I do prefer this behavior, friendly, as opposed to the growling, mean personality. Thanks for the birthday greetings and please keep sending as her "party " is Saturday!!!!!! Friends will be coming over and I want them to know that the Maltese breed is VERY special and that Monique has many friends!!!

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