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bathing frequency
by jackie
bathing frequency How frequently can we bathe Ben? We would like to do it once a week after he visits the park.


I bathe my three girl's once a week and although some will say that is way too often, I've never had a problem with it. Their skin and hair are not dry at all from it either. I use Petsilk product's on them. I highly recommend Petsilk. It is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used on a dog before.

Hi! Everyone will tell you different things - so here is our routine: because Otto gets a bath every week with Loreal Kids' No-tears Shampoo, we go out and run around at the park first - just like you and your little dog. Just be sure that the shampoo you use doesn't dry out his skin!
Jackie, I'm glad you asked this question, because I was going to post it here. I bathe Taffy once a week faithfully, give or take a day or two before or after. I like her smelling clean, and she has a beautiful silky coat, and it seems that her skin is not dry,also, I put condition on her for the final rinse. After a week, she starts to look shabby, even though she may be clean.
Margaret & Taffy
Jackie: I bathe the girls every 7 to 10 days. Usually 7 because they start smelling like dogs. I give them Liperderm, small amount daily, it's for their skin and coat. That is supposed to help if you bathe frequently. Hope I have helped.
Jackie, our vet says bathing them frequently may cause skins problems. We bath our 2 malteses every three weeks. Groom them every six weeks. Ofcourse I brush them often. This seems to be working. I think bathing them every week is too much. If my dogs get really dirty between the baths I just wash their legs. You have to make sure to use a good shampoo with conditioner. Have fun.
I used to bathe Cubbie weekly when he was a young pup. I had more time back then. Now, my husband gives him his bath about every other week to three weeks. By then, no one can stand the smell! Although Cubbie hates baths (he will run and hide as soon as he realizes you are gathering up the supplies), he always feels sooooo good after he has been dried and groomed. He usually runs all over the house with a big smile. If I had the time and energy, I certainly would bathe him weekly like I used to. I also use to apply a concoction of lotion and baby oil (in tiny amounts) to his coat after a bath, working it in to the skin to help moisturize the delicate skin. Hope this will help.
Thus far we have bathed Sophie once a week and she visits the groomer once a month. We use a Shampoo called Nature's Choice (whitens coat) that her groomer gave us for every other bathing and J&J Sensitive Baby Shampoo any other time. Every single time we follow up with J&J conditioner. I also brush her twice daily. I usually let her romp around outside the day before and the day of her bath. Otherwise, she is an inside girl but needs bathing by the time the 6th day rolls around. So far, no scratching and no other skin problems that I am aware of! Good luck!
Jackie: I bathe my little guys weekly. They have their own door they can go in and out as the like, so by the end of the week it is mandatory baths. Wash faces and comb out every morning. I found out about Vellus Products in the chat room and I love it. Thanks again Libby and Nikki.
Be careful if you are bathing your maltese weekly especialy with a harsh shampoo. When I first got I Max bathed him once a week. I dried his skin out realy bad. I was using a shampoo called Snowy Coat. I then started bathing him once every two weeks with a Puppy shampoo made by four paws. I think the name of it was no more tears. It was wonderful. After awhile I was able to bath him once a week.
Ziggy usually gets baths once every 2-3 weeks. The longest he has gone without a bath is 6 weeks. He looked clean because he gets combed nearly every day but had the doggy smell. Bathing once a week is too time consuming. I use Perfect Care tender coat puppy shampoo (Zig is 9 months)
Jackie, good question. Every dog is different. I could bathe Baxter every day if I wanted to and it wouldn't affect him. On the other hand, I almost put Rudy on the funny farm. I was bathing him once a week with the same shampoo I used for Baxter, Coat Handler, and his little puppy skin just couldn't handle it. He almost went insane scratching. I'm now bathing him with prescription shampoo and conditioner once every two weeks. He's not "squeaky clean" the second week, but he's a lot happier.
We bathe Moose & Squirrel every 1-2 weeks. We try to bathe them every week after obedience training to kill any fleas they may have picked up. They are in full coat and by the end of the week they are starting to smell a bit doggy which, as they sleep on our bed, I'm not too keen on. Don't know if they smell worse because they're males but they are getting neutered on Friday so time will tell. We're using the Coathandler 15 for 1 Groomers' Shampoo (although we use it at a one in 25 dilution) - it's supposed to be very gentle and tearless, and it's working very well for us - and we ALWAYS use conditioner on them afterwards.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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