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too much excitement
by Jennifer
too much excitement Hello everyone, Thank you for all the advice on house training my new puppy,Tanner. Now I seem to have a bigger problem....when my father came to visit, Tanner peed on him. Well, I figured this was only a coincidence. However, I had to be gone for awhile so I left Tanner with a babysitter(my mother), well, when I went to pick him up he was wagging his tail and was so excited he peed on me! I hear this can be a huge problem...how do I stop this now while he is only a couple of months old? p.s. Tanner was successfully potty trained in one day.(unfortunatly) he will only go outside, even in the snow.(we put a sweater on him and doggie boots.) he refuses to go on his wee wee pads or on news paper. So, outside he goes!


Jennifer, this is probably submissive peeing which my Buster has finally grown out of at 8 months old. This is probably what Tanner is going through.
Libby & Buster

Yes, this can be a problem. Our Munchkin used to do that too. The way we handled this problem, we take her out right away when we come home, before we say hi or anything else. This seems to be working because since we start doing this way this behavior almost dissapear.

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