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Won't Stop BARKING
by Chris
Won't Stop BARKINGJack is a 2 year old puppy and in some cases appears half human. He is a very good dog, except for his excessive barking. I have not been able to stop him. Negative reinforcement does not seem to work. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Please Thank You, A Very Happy Maltese Owner


Freckles does this also. some times he even barks at me! I carry a spray bottle around with and when he barks I spray him in the face and say "no barking." I use a firm voice. It usually takes two squirts to get him to be quite. Now I just show him the water and he stops barking.
karen and freckles

This may sound silly, but it works for me. I filled(half way)an old pop can with pennies and sealed the top with duct tape. Whenever the barking gets out of control, I shake the can and yell "QUIET"! Works everytime!
Chris-I have had a time with my Noah doing this, too. He didn't always do it. I hear it is adolescence. He is doing much better. I have been reading "Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence", by Carol Lea Benjamin. It has lots of great tips on handling behavior problems that come up. I have been real consistent with Noah. 1. I say "no bark". 2. If he barks again, I firmly grasp his muzzle and squeeze, and yell, "no bark." This lets him know that I am his alpha. 3. If he still barks, it is time out in his pen. When he complies even for a moment, I praise like crazy, saying "Good no bark." It has taken several weeks of repeating these steps over and over so one has to be consistent. Also, it has helped a lot to continue to get him around other people and animals. He is sweeter then ever, in fact. I don't know where to ge the book, it was leant to me. Anyone else?
April B.
I have this problem myself. My Maltese barks whenever the dryer makes a noise or a dog outside is barking. The only thing I can suggest is to get a sprayer bottle and squirt your Maltese with water everytime it barks or when it barks at an inappropriate time and give a firm negative command. My mother swears this will work. I have a confession, I haven't tried this . . . yet.
I have several Malts that like to bark also; my solution is a super-soaker squirt gun, loaded with 1/8 cup vinegar and the rest water. I tell them "NO BARK" and squirt them with the squirt gun. You must be consistent (and keep several squirt guns around the house so one is always handy). All I have to do now is pick up the gun and say "NO BARK" and they stop immediately. I don't use it when they alarm bark--letting me know a stranger is around--but I do use it to control nuisance barking (several are like people--I think they bark just to hear themselves bark).
Linda Lamoureux
Chris, to give you a good answer I'll need more info. What is Jack barking at...something outside....noises in the building....other dogs? Did this just start? If so, what may have led up to it? Ellie barks also (she is a dog!), but will most times cease when I tell her to. What is your response when he barks?
Just heard on ABC news tonight about a new medication that will help dogs to stop barking, that is all I know right now, but you might be able to contact your local ABC station and see if they have anything on the story.
Coins in a bottle work for Ziggy. I tried the squirt gun thing and it worked 3X but then he thought it was this neat game and it didn't work anymore. So far the bottle with a "quiet" command seems to work.
melanie and ziggy
Well, I tried the squirt bottle with water thing, and after the first time Taffy just squints when I squirt her . So the other day I put pennys in a can and sealed it up. When she barked, I shook the can. She stopped, jumped off the chair and hid on the other side. She was quiet the rest the day. I have used it a few times now and so far so good. We will see as time goes on, but at least she stops now.
Robin K.

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