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Is garlic help maltese?
by fifi
Is garlic help maltese?Hi! I have a female puppy. Last time when I brought her to walk, I met my friend and he has three big dogs. He asked me do I give garlic to my maltese, and I said "no." Then he told me that if I give some garlic to my matlese, then the garlic can prevent the flea. But I don't know if this is true or not. If it is true, then how much/many garlic do I need to give to my maltese, and also I want to know how long does the garlic work for my maltese. My maltese is almost 11 months old. Thanks for reading this message!


Fifi, I heard the same thing and tried it with Jack. The problem I had was that jack did not like the smell of garlic and would run away from it every time I put it near him. I opted for the drops on the back of his neck and Jack prefers watermelon and grapes. Chris and Jack

Fifi: I give my girls Brewers Yeast with Garlic and have done this for as long as I can remember. We live in FL and I'll do anything to combat Fleas. I don't have a problem so as far as I'm concerned, it works great. They each get 1 pill daily.
Last summer I gave Gracie a garlic pill twice a day because I was told it might help her allergies and it would help keep the fleas off of her I didnt notice any difference in her allergies but it did seem to help some with the fleas althogh she has never really had a problem with them. I know others will have more helpful information.
Donna & Gracie
Hi! This is from Fifi. I want to thank you for replying my question. Thanks a lot! I will try to give the garlic to my maltese. I hope it will work to my maltese!
Hi Fifi, we use fresh garlic (crushed) in the food we cook for our maltese. Each batch of food is enough to feed two maltese for two weeks (when mixed half and half with dry food) and I put 2-3 large cloves into each batch, so per day they are each only getting a very small amount. I would only use fresh garlic, not dried or bottled. They don't have a flea problem, despite living in a very humid city, so I think that the garlic must be helping.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Never heard of this. Are you saying that you do not use any other flea product other that garlic? Live in CA and am most interested in an alternative to advantage.Linda and Dexter
Linda King
Hi Linda, all we use is garlic in their food and essential oil of lemongrass or lavender in their conditioner to control fleas. I believe the garlic works as a repellent by making the dog's blood taste awful to fleas, and the essentail oils are supposed to have certain constituents which fleas also hate. I won't say they NEVER have fleas, as we often find one or two fleas on them after obedience training and sometimes after walks in the park, but I have never found more than two at one time. The sceptics may say that we have just been lucky in that all the fleas we have found have been male, but I think that the garlic and essential oils are working to convince the fleas to look for a more hospitable environment to lay their eggs in. Also, we don't have cats or carpets - both of these make flea control much more difficult.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Hi, I am fifi. I want to thank for every one who responses to my question. But I have one more question about the garlic. I've heard from others who put garlic in the dog's food and let the dog eat it. But can I put the garlic into the dry dog food? Or I should/must put the garlic into the wet food?
Hi Fifi, If you feed dry food or canned food then you would probably be better off with a garlic pill, I don't think that mixing fresh garlic with dry food would work very well. You may be able to mix it into canned food but I think that your doggie won't like that either (most of us love to eat food with garlic cooked into it, but I don't know anyone who likes to eat raw garlic!) If you want to cook food for your maltese then the fresh garlic will work very well. You can find some recipes and links at this website
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Deanna, thanks for the recipe info! I sent some recipes to my sister-in-law. Her German Shepherd was heartbroken when they moved to a new home and lost weight due to the stress. Hopefully the "Weight-On Meatballs" will help fatten him back up to his normal weight of a whopping 135 lbs!!!
Thank you for replying me, Denna. I will try to buy some garlic pill and put it with the dry food. I hope my little maltese will like it! Thank you very much.

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