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should maltese eat grass?
by chi
should maltese eat grass?Hi! I have a ten-month-old female maltese. Long time ago a woman told me that I should let my dog eat some grass; however, I don't why she's telling me to do this. Does the grass help? And how? Thank you for reply me.


Read somewhere that they get grass because the crave veggies. That's all I know, except my girls like salad without the dressing.

Chi, I have heard from several vets that no one is certain why they eat grass, poop, or anything else. The old wives tail is they eat it for an upset stomach....who knows. I don't think its a bad thing.
Libby & Buster
I heard the same as Libby - that eating grass was the doggy equivalent of sticking your fingers down your throat.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
They eat grass usually because they have an upset stomach or too much hair in the throat, this helps them re-gurtitate and clean out ! They will ALWAYS vomit after eating grass ! It is very good for you to give them lettuce, however it's not for the same reason, if you let your doggie eat grass, be sure that the grass is FREE of PESTICIDES and other nasty things !!

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