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Playing Outside
by Angel
Playing OutsideHello! Whenever I let my three girl's outside to play they come in very dirty so I give them a bath. Well, with summer coming, they will be outside(we have a fenced in yard)with us a lot and I cannot give them a bath everyday. They are trained inside on wee wee pad's. They only go outside in the late spring, summer, and early fall for walk's and to play. I am HIGHLY allergic to grass and they play in the grass so I HAVE to give them a bath or do something to get the grass off them. Last year I wiped their feet off with baby wipes but my allergies were terrible since that wasn't getting the grass off the dog's completely. Any similar experiences and/or suggestions? TIA


Angel, WOW, what a horrible dilemma! Drastic measures for drastic problems... Have you thought of installing a large deck or patio and containing them to it?

Angel, what about trying waterless shampoo on the kids. You just squirt it on, lather up and dry off with a towel. Also, I saw at PetSmart (but didn't get) what looks to be a handi-wipe kind of thing you can use instead of shampooing, Comes in little foil packets and you take them out and used them as needed. I was going to try them this winter, but didn't, so don't know if they work well. But they might be enough to get whatever is causing you allergic reactions off the kids' coats without actually washing them every time.
cathy brown
Thank you Marie and Cathy for responding. We do have a patio but the girls love to run around in the backyard. I put them out on the patio last year and when we were in the backyard they looked at us through the patio window with sad eyes since they wanted to be out with us. I couldn't resist those six sad little eyes. I let them outside with us and just put up with my allergies because I don't want to deprive them of the great outdoors because of my allergies. I will definately look for the waterless shampoo and try that. Thanx again!

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