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white pigmentation nose
by sara
white pigmentation nose we are looking to purchase a maltese puppy however the nose is black with white pigmentation, the breeder said this will go away when the puppy is exposed to sunshine. Does anyone have any info re this? Thank you.


Sara, Yes, this is likely the solution to a white nose, sunshine! Isn't that funny? Taffy lays on the back porch in the sun to make sure her nose stays black!! Enjoy your new bundle of fluff!!
Robin K.

One of our dogs had a pink nose when we purchased her as a puppy. She's four years old now and her nose is still pink. It doesn't matter to us; we knew she wasn't show quality at the time of purchase.
Sara, it is very common for maltese puppies to be born with pink noses. Some turn blacker than others and some still tend to lose some blackness in the winter when they are in the sun less. I have, however, seen older "maltese" with pink noses, but I question if they were actually purebred. I've never seen or heard of a white-nosed maltese. Good luck.
Sara,Jack is going to be 2 this June and his nose is half pink. When he was born and up until he was about 1, his nose was jet black. Now, it is half pink. I figured this was normal. I am not quite sure if it is anything to worry about. For Jack, it is a good topic of discusion with the female dogs on the block. Good Luck.
When I first got my Maltese, Cubbie, it was spring time. His nose was black as coal. Over the following winter, it did lighten up to a brownish color. The sun darkened it up nicely during the spring and summer. During our second winter together, his nose lightened up again, however, it never returned to it's original black color! It has stayed brownish. He is now nearly 8 and one half years old.
Our little Prissy had a speckled pink/black nose when we bought her. We thought it was particularly cute! They told us that it would blacken up and it has- totally. She spends only a little bit of time outside, so I'm not sure that's the reason (the sun).

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