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shedding hair
by Linda
shedding hairI love Maltese and have selected our new puppy who will go home with us soon.Our little Sugar Maltese died two months ago and our hearts are broken. Sugar never shed and I did not think Maltese shed, however after we left visiting our little puppy, my son noticed that he had white hairs all over his black t shirt. Is it possible that young puppies shed a little? Could this mean that this particular Maltese will shed? Will he outgrow it? He is "pure " maltese so I do no understand . I plan to ask the breeder when I next talk to her, but I thought someone here might be familiar with this. Thanks!


You are right-Maltese do not shed. If these puppies are shedding, it could signify a health problem. Be cautious! How do you know they are "pure Maltese?" You need to see the mother, her pedigree and registration papers and at least a photo of the father with a pedigree and registration papers. Also, ask for references from the breeder. Be sure to check them out. Good luck!
April B.

Linda, don't take this as gospel (maybe Jay or Bev Passe can help me out) but it seems to me that I read somewhere that the mom's may lose coat due to the birthing/feeding process. So perhaps the hairs you found were from the mom (unless these people also had cats?). Maltese generally do not "shed," although--like you and I--their hair comes out in the brush etc. They can be picked right off, just like one of your hairs that you pull off your dress or jacket.
cathy brown

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