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by melanie and ziggy
biospot Ziggy has been on program pill for fleas for the last 6-7 months (he is 10 months old). This past week, I found 2 adult fleas on him and I used a flea comb to get them out. With summer approaching, I am wondering if I should also include some other flea prevention like advantage or biospot in addition to program or if I should take him off program completely and put him solely on advantage or biospot? I'd like to know any of your experiences with biospot (positive or negative) and also whether you have used program pill in conjunction with another product or by itself. We didn't have any problems until this past week and since we recently moved to an apt with lots of pets, I am afraid that he could be catching it from the public areas or one of the other animals (dogs, cats, squirrels). Thanks!


I have used Program flea pills with great success! Never have seen a flea since-honest! You may want to call your vet and ask if you can add something additionally or if you should stop the program and switch to something else. Good Luck:-)

When Phoebe was four months old our vet had her started on Sentinel - it's Program + heartworm + regular wormer once a month and also Advantage for topical treatment. The pill only kills larvae & eggs, the topical kills the adults that they pick up elsewhere. I did notice that the first month I had many fleas to comb out, their numbers decreased slowly & usually when I found them they were either dead or in the process of dying. I treated our home with Boric Acid powder & the next month when I put her stuff on I waited three days after her bath - I firmly believe that this increases the effectiveness! Have seen no sign of fleas for quite some time now!
Leslie R
Hi Melanie, I had my first experience with Biospot about two weeks ago with my "Casey." I was not happy with it at all. First of all, l when we put it on him it left a huge greasy spot on his back and we had just had him groomed the day before. The worst part was he was "wired" for about 24 hours. I have never seen him so hyperactive. We had a terrible night as he sleeps with us. While he is usually is very serene and sleeps through the night, first he was down, then up, then down, then up all night long. I felt so sorry for him. I don't know if we experienced an isolated event, but I will never put him through that again. I heard Frontline is applied in the same manner, so I don't think I want to try that. I am hoping your post will bring out some alternative methods. As of now, Casey has no fleas, but I do want to start preventative measures. I am anxiously awaiting some testamony to other remedies. Good luck. Sandy and "Casey"
Sandy E.
My guys had been using Frontline, with no problem. I saw Bio Spot in the catalog and got some, it was cheaper! Well I just used it last week, and Olvier had problems. Almost immediately he would be walking, then took off like someone pinched him fron behind! He would lie still and not move. The next morning, I wash4ed both my boys. Oliver still did not act nromal. I took himto the vet that afternoon. It seems Bio Spot gets into their bloddstream, whereas Frontline & Advantgae doe not. They get into the hair follicles instead. So I guess Bio Spot may not be for every dog. I am back to Frontline in a few weeks.
We used the Program pill for fleas last year and had no results from it. Our baby takes the Sentinel pill now once a month and I know with flea season around the corner, we'll need to do something about them . I had planned to try biospot, but now I'm waiting to hear the response. I didn't like the greasy spot and hyperactivity report--hope others write in. I don't want to use bio without several good reccommendations.
Hi Melanie, I have been using the Frontline top spot for the last 3 months now and it appears to be effective, It did not appear to bother Snowy either. However, the only problem I had was that Snowy appeared to develop a little doggy smell after application. At first I thought it was his breath but I finally concluded that it must just be his body odour from the application. As Linda mentioned earlier, Frontline spreads over the layer under the skin and stays there. I actually do not like the smell (though it is not very strong) and will not be putting anymore on Snowy as it is getting rather cold now in Australia and I hope that the fleas are mostly gone. Hope this helps.
I still haven't decided what to do but after hearing the negative stuff about biospot, I don't think I'll be using it either. Right now, Zig is still on the Program pill. I pulled out all the fleas using a flea comb (only 2 fleas were on him) and gave him a bath. He was fine until he went outside again and then started scratching himself. I searched but did not find anything on him. This past week, I went to Trader Joe's to buy an herbal flea collar for him. He sometimes scratches himself but I've searched very carefully all over him and have not found anything.

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