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by Cheryl
Freckles? Our Maltese has developed freckled skin under her gorgeous white coat. While she is a pet only, I was just curious if this was a "fault" or common. It is not visible when her hair is dry, but obvious when bathing. She's a perfect cutie to us- freckled or not...just wondering.


Cheryl, This is quite common and very normal. Check out the archives on this topic and you will see that it is a question that comes up often. I suspect more Maltese have "freckles" than not--all the ones I've met seem to have them; some more and some fewer. Not to worry, your little one is just perfect.
cathy brown

I've told people that if they shaved a Maltese they'd have a mutant Dalmation. The freckles and splotches seem to be normal. Someone, I think on this discussion, said Maltese aren't white dogs. They are black dogs with one large white spot that happens to cover their whole body. None of the standards I've read mention the skin so I don't think it's a fault. Maybe someone with a champion will respond?
Not to worry! my puppy has freckles all over him body. In fact his name is Freckles. If you are worried about the sun, I think there is a sun spray you can use to protect your baby. I haven't tried it myself but I think you can get it from the pet supply stores. good luck

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