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Puppy coat change
by Lucy C.
Puppy coat change I once read that Maltese dogs go through a change with regards to their puppy coats around 8 - 10 months of age. Tammy is now about 8 months old and there is a noticeable change in her coat since I got her at 12 weeks old. Her has is much straighter and considerably longer. Has anyone experienced a dramatic change in their dogs coats as they matured? I know the health of the dog is the most important but I was just curious.


Oh yes! When I got Phoebe at fourteen weeks she was a little fluffball with a half inch line of visibly silkier hair down her back. At seven and a half months now her silky hair has grown to a couple of inches and is truly pearlescent in appearance. The puppy coat that remains is a bit unruly, I definitely prefer the adult coat! However, like many posters here I have also noticed a sudden change in the tangling, it's easy to get out and I think it's the puppy coat invading the adult hair - just certain areas & of course is compounded by the dry indoor air. Anyway, I would say that you are witnessing normal development.
Leslie R

Hi Lucy, Our "Casey" is ten months old now and I have been told by my groomer that he still has his baby coat. While it tends to be on the cottony side, I am hoping this will change. Right now he mats up terribly. I have him groomed every two weeks because of this and try to work with him inbetween but not to much prevail. He is not cooperative with me at all. Out of frustration, yesterday I had to groomer take care of my problem and since summer is coming on this was the perfectly opportunity. I had him clipped down to one and half inches on his body and legs. She clipped the top of his head the same length. She trimmed down his face and beard and left his tail long. He looks absolutely adorable. Now I can see his cute little face. He absolutely would not leave a bow in his hair and I got tired of the hair hanging in his face. I plan on combing/brushing him every day so he will get use to this and it shouldn't hurt because it is not long enough to mat. Bathing shouldn't be a problem either. He is short enough to air dry, so I won't have to get out the hair drier which he was terrified of. I am also hoping as this hair grows out it will be his adult coat, but this remains to be seen. Whatever happens, I have several options on how to handle this both for his comfort and mine. Good luck with your little one. Sandy & "Casey"
Sandy E.
Lucy, my Buster's (8 mos) coat is starting to change. Growing out very nicely. This is normal...
Libby & Buster
Alex is now 10 months old and I noticed a change in his coat. It's a lot ticker and mats more. I am wondering if he is getting his adult coat. Brushing and combing is taking a lot more time because of the matting. I will wait a few more months to see if it's getting better before deciding to cut the hair short. Maybe somebody can give us more information about this.
I noticed a change in Sunny's coat since the age of 7 1/2mos. It no longer has that cotton feel to it and doesn't mat anymore. Before this change I thought I would be battling mats forever but it hasn't happened for awhile. Sunny's now 9mos. Janine, I'm kinda surprised that your baby's the opposite. Did he start off with silky hair? Just wondering, because maybe Sunny's will change again. Hope not, mats are the worst. Thanks!!
Hello all, my Peanut 1yr 2 m has also gone through this change and I thought I would go nuts since his hair tangled more due to this and the dryness caused by winter. Someone a few weeks ago suggested VO5 hot oil treatments and I figured why not! I noticed a dramatic difference in his hair. The cottony baby hair tangled less and wasn't as cottony, which allowed the adult hair to lay like its supose to. I decided that I would only VO5 once a month. When he was due for his byweekly bath, as soon as I wet his hair, shampooed, then started rinsing, his hair didn't have the massive bunch of mats that usually happens. I used Loreal Colorvive conditioner for damaged or colored treated hair and I think I'm on to something because his hair is the best it has ever been in silkiness and flowy when he walks. Just beautiful!! Also the brushing is easier with less tangles and the tangles that are there are easy to brush out. I am going to continue with the VO5 once a month and the other conditioner during the other times. In case you are wondering, the VO5 doesn't leave an oily residue.

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