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Puppy's Penis
by Vanetta
Puppy's PenisThis is a kinda embarrasing question, but I've never owned a dog before. Tatoo is my first puppy and I just LUV him to death. So smart and so eager to please. Anyway, here's the question, last month we had him neutered. And although he was very sore the first few days, he seems to be doing well now. I've noticed that somtimes the tip of his penis is a bit extended and red. When I last saw it, he was just sitting on the couch scratching and licking himself. Is this normal? What is it? Does this happen when he has to urinate or his aroused? Could some of you wise and worldly Maltese owners give me some insight? :) Thanks.


I am one of the few males on this sight the reason he does it is because he can, enough said don't worry about it.

Vanetta. Probably what is happening is that he is aroused a little (or, yes, maybe he has to pee-pee). It sounds about right based on your description. I need to share a story about Carty with you as delicately as I can. It's pretty funny and you will see the connection. He came to us with this huge, ugly, dirty, stuffed bunny. Turns out it is "the love of his life." He definitely believes it is female and enjoys "conjugal pleasures" with it regularly (oh--come on, he humps the thing constantly!). He too is very much neutered by the way. One morning recently I heard him expressing his delight a little more emphatically than usual and so I went to see what was going on. He looked at me, sort of tucked his tail, and turned around and I saw this rather large, red, swollen thing protruding from his netherparts. I thought, oh my gosh, he has somehow ripped open his skin on that bunny and flew to the phone to call the vet. I was right in the middle of dailing when I thought "oh..wait; remember basic male physiology." So I hung up and went back to take another look. Viola, there was Carty, as "normal" in that region as ever. One reason this strikes me funny (besides the fact that I nearly made an absolute fool of myself with the "emergency" call to the vet) is that I never saw such a thing and never knew that once dogs were neutered they could still (shall we say) become "studlike." Apparently while the neutering puts an end to baby making it does not effect the equipment (guess like a vasectomy). Anyhow, I wouldn't worry, but maybe next time you are at the vet you could ask if you still have concerns.
cathy brown
Vanetta, relax, it's perfectly normal. Baxter's little "bird" comes out at the strangest times. Usually when I'm combing him or getting him ready for a bath. That's when he's excited (or agitated). I haven't seen Rudy's yet, but he's not quite 7 mos old. I'm not sure if age has anything to do with it. First time I saw Baxter's, I really thought something was wrong!
You are worry me these dogs are alive and not just stuffed pets, they have to act this way if we want anymore maltese to love,please people these little ones are aminals and will act like aminals and find way to bread thank you, we need this action to keeping maltese to to love,
Thanks everyone! I know that they are really animals, but I guess I just didn't really think it was that since there were no females around to get my boy worked up! (I'm still laughing and my husband is looking over my shoulders--thinks I'm nuts). Anyway, I really enjoyed the bunny story, maybe I ought to find Tatoo a little blow up dog. LOL Thanks also for the "male" point of view, we always need a little balance. Have a great day!

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