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by Caroline Irish
Company?Please help me. I recently bought a maltese whom I love very much. I feel horrible leaving her alone for the majority of the day. When I go to work, I leave the radio on, a one hour tape of my voice saying soothing things so she feels that I am there in some sense and I always make sure she has a bye- bye bone right before I head to work. Since I am too far away from home to get there for lunch to visit with her, I am going to have a neighbor let her out when she comes home from school to let her out, play with her and refill her water and check on her in general. I am also plan tol et a friend of mine use my computer during the day so she also gets a little more company. I still feel horrible about leaving her at home alone for the majority of the day and am thinking of some companionship for her such as maybe a little male yorkie puppy that I know was born and is the last of his litter or another maltese so she isn't so lonely- but that they would have each other friends. Is this a good idea? I want to do whats right for my little one and love any new dog that comes into the equation in its own right. Is another dog a good idea?


Hi Caroline! I think getting a second dog is a great idea! Your dog would have company while you are at work and you'll have another one to love too! I have three maltese and I am planning on getting another baby in October. Go for it! Take care!

Caroline, yes a companion would be great...trying to convice my hubby of that with no luck...but... I work all day too and Buster (8 mos old) does fine. I give him a Kong toy when I leave and it keeps him amused for awhile. He stays in our big master bathroom (because of the motion detectors on the security system) and does fine. I just make sure that when I am home that I give him all the love and attention I can.
Libby & Buster
Sure is a good idea. We are both Retired and go a 2nd Maltese to keep KoKo company while we play golf etc. Just returned from a golf game and lunch with friends. They were alone together for 5 1/2 to 6 hours and were terrific. It really helps us to know they have each other. Be prepared, many of us complain that our 2nd Maltese aren't as good behavior wise and our 1st. As a matter of fact many of us say the 2nd is a handful. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
Caroline, another dog is an EXCELLENT idea. Go for it! We got Rudy for Baxter just before Christmas and they are best buddies. My husband and I both work, but he is able to come home for lunch to check on the babies. I have to say it's one of the better decisions we made. Good luck!
Thanks for everyones advice. I took Cydney to the vet and the vet said she is in great shape but that she is a little shy and might be a people puppy and maybe not be so keen on other dogs. ( When I got her she had originally belonged to someone for a few months but was resold to the owner b/c she wasn't AKC standards- I don't care- I think she is perfect). But she is definately scared of other dogs as I saw when I bought her and at the vet). Do you think she would feel threatened by another Maltese or overwhelmed by a bold Yorkie? I plan to enroll her in Puppy day care for a week or so that might help a little bit. Thanks!
I personally think another puppy right now is a mistake. In my opinion, your dog needs to get used to you and vice versa first. And you have some socialization problems to work out, also, before adding another pup. You are doing the right thing by putting her in day care for a while. Can you possibly take her a couple times a week for a few weeks rather than all in one week? I don't agree with your vet. Your dog will do fine with other dogs if you socialize her properly. Don't push her or force her to make friends....let her do it at her own pace....you just give her the opportunity. BTW, most dogs are stressed in the vet's office, so don't label her unfriendly just yet, at least not based on that.
Anne, I'm going to check this Saturday all about day care for Cydney and what it entails. I have noticed a real improvement with her since my friend has come by to use my computer during the day and play with her. I'm also going to look into other programs the vet says the animal hospital has for dogs when she is no longer a puppy (she will be one of the older puppies in puppy day care, but emotionally she hasn't had a chance to really have a puppyhood since she was brought back to her breeder from her original owner-her puppyhood was more or less interrupted with the adjustment of her new home and then back to her old home). Right now I want to bond with her and not depress or demoralize her with the arrival of a newcomer. I want everyone in the household to feel good, secure and equally loved as much as possible. Thanks for your help!
Caroline, I just got another maltese baby for my nine mo. old Beau. Beau absolutely loves visiting Zoe my old lab that lives with my brother in another town. So I thought that a little girlfriend would be great for him. Well, five days into this and Beau seems to hate her! I have to supervise their time together and use alot of psychology on Beau (who is more cat-like in personality). Maisy bites his top knot or ear and he jumps away and growls at her. Yesterday, I found him with Maisy pinned on her back and Beau's mouth on her tummy! I don't think they are really hurting eachother, but I have to watch very carefully. They seemed to play a little better today... Anyway, it would probably be a good idea in the long run for the dogs to have eachother, but if you could do it when you have some time to supervise the time they are together, it might be easier. Good luck!

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