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Help, Mon is spay day
by Dottie
Help, Mon is spay dayMy little Tasha not quite 7mos. old goes in on Mon. to be spayed and have some teeth pulled. I'm ready to cancel but know it has to be done. Sooooo come Mon. A.M. at 8;30 she goes in------ I guess I'm a wimp, but have been so upset over this. Just all you Maltese lovers out there think of Tasha and me on the 13th. Will keep everyone informed. I'm still trying to send the puppy cut, but my daughter's scan of the picture didn't work, someone said if I just sent it to Jay Via regular mail he would take care of it and enter it in the photo album. Love and kisses from Tasha and Dottie, bytw what is Jays mail adress?


Dottie and Tasha we are sending our best wishes for a swift and fast recovery we will be thinking of you !!!
Donna & Gracie

What you are doing is the best for your little one, and all dogs with a good vet come through better off and better dogs. If you don't spay you dog what could happen to her is so much worse than anything that happens in spaying. Plus what I have read says that hundreds of pure bread dogs are put to death every year, many of them maltese, you are doing people, dogs, and maltese the best thing you could for all. I would just like to give you a personnal thank you for going through this to improve all of dogdome, love and prayers from Aurora and Malteze.
Donna, I know what you are going through, I am the biggest wimp of all! Taffy is going through her 3rd heet right now and I swear it's the last one. I keep telling myself I am going to have her spayed, and I am. It's so hard because we get so scared, then we read the posts here of people who have been through it and all turned out fine. We will be here for you when you are worried that day and the day or two that follows, this sight is a wonderful support group. I think I will make Taffy's appointment this next week. Let is know how she is, I would go with you if I could .
Robin K.
Dottie, Jays address is on the Photo Album Page. Good Luck from Buster and me on Monday. We will be thinking of you!
Libby & Buster
Chloe sends her best wishes for a speedy recovery. She had her surgery about a month ago and seems to have recovered very well. You will need to give your baby extra love and I suggest keeping her confined (Chloe was blocked off in the kitchen). As for the teeth, my vet suggests we wait to pull any till she is almost a year. By then if none have fallen out he will pull some. He says it takes Maltese longer to develop their teeth. He is an older vet but I trust his advice. FYI
Dottie, I know EXACTLY what you're going through. Rudy was neutered 2 weeks ago and, while I know neutering isn't as invasive as spaying, it's the anesthesia that worried me the most. Tasha will be just fine. You must have confidence in your vet or you wouldn't have gotten this far. Keep busy on Monday and don't be afraid to call the vet at a reasonable time after her surgery. You shouldn't have to wait to find out how she's doing. Good luck. Baxter & Rudy send empathetic woofs to Tasha.
Hang in there Dottie. Tatoo went in for the "cut" about a month ago. He is doing well. He was very sore and groggy for a couple of days. I was really scared and kept calling the vet to find out what was going on. Although my husband tried to pretend that he's tough, he kept asking me.."how's the boy?" I just wished that I had asked the vet about pain medicine for the day after. See about that if you can. But other than that, it's been great. He's stopped marking his territory on my couch legs and leather purse and is therefore a happy puppy (now that he's not in trouble all the time anymore). These dogs really become a part of your life! Good luck.
Dottie: KoKo and Shayna had their spaying at 5 and 6 months respectively. Shayna also had teeth pulled and dew claws removed. KoKo was herself in 24 hours, Shayna, it took 3 1/2 days. We will think about you Mon. morning and say a prayer. Licks and tail wags from my girls to your baby.
Dottie: Its reallly not soooo bad. Taffy was 6 months old. The Vet I has is a good one,and was not worried or scared at all. She arrived at the vet 8:30 in the morning, picked her up about 5:30 that evening. She was quiet from the drugs for about 2 days, (you don't know Taffy) her stiches probably bothered her , and had to wear a baby shirt for about a day or two because she kept scooting her butt on the grass,but not even biting the stiches, but after that, it was like it never happened! Be positive, it will be fine, and you be glad you did it!
Margaret & Taffy
But Dottie: I forget to mention this in my earlier statment, the only thing I did feel sad about it that my Taffy can never experience being a mommy, that hurted me the most.
Margaret & Taffy

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