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Not quite housebroken
by Connie
Not quite housebroken Hi, My Darby is 4.5 mos. old. I have been trying to housebreak him and have been thinking that he was ready for the "big time"....being allowed into the livingroom and dining room. The first night I let him loose was fine and I congratulated myself on a fine job, and congratulated Darby on being so well trained! Well, Yesterday he peed on the sofa and then again on the bottm step to the family room. He came all the way down the stairs by himself and then just stood on the bottom step and peed! I know he knows better, and he goes almost on command when we go outside. (Both) I don't understand why he peed in the house. I especially don't understand the sofa! Was I being too confident?


Connie, yes I think you are being too confident. I did that with Buster too soon and he's gone on the sofa also. He's fine now at 8 mos of age but I still don't trust him totally.
Libby & Buster

Dear Connie: You SHOULD be proud of the progress that little Darby has made in housebreaking. Absolutely. He is a very little dog, still, you know. He will make mistakes, and have lapses. I think (maybe incorrectly...) that maybe he was seeing if it was ok, or definitely NOT OK to pee wherever he wanted. It is exasperating, no? I think he will understand better and really get the hang of it - soon. but you HAVE to be consistent. Maybe you even have to go back to confinement. Don't fret. Sooner or later they get the picture. Good Luck, and don't despair!
Well, maybe not too confident, but maybe expecting too much too soon. At 4.5 months the babies still have issues with holding it...their bladders are not 100% developed yet--just like human babies are not really ready to even begin potty training until they are closing on two. It really takes the fluff balls to be about 6 mo before they are physically capable of being 100% trained, even though sometimes YOU are trained to the extent that you get them to the potty place at the time they need to be there. Sounds to me like your baby isn't quite ready for prime time. I would continue to confine him and keep my eyes open when he is not confined. Easiest way to do that is to keep him leashed to you while he is out and about the house. That way you can scoop him up and get him to wherever it is he is supposed to go when you see him getting ready. Be patient. It does sound like he's getting the idea and that's the most important part.
cathy brown
Connie, housebreaking is not a black or white thing. You have to pass through that gray area first and it sounds like you're there now. Just when you think the training is "complete" is when they have their worst "accident" and it can be downright devastating . Darby is still too young to have complete control of his little bladder. It's all still pretty new so keep an eagle eye on him, it'll still take more time. Rudy is 6 1/2 mos and he's just getting to the point where I'm comfortable with him in the family room, but I still keep an eye out if I haven't seen him go lately. Good luck and hang in there.
Connie....I'm certain you and everyone heard me scream ANGEL!!!! this morning. I'm on the phone to my dad and I see Angel (who has been 100% since three months and is now nine months old) getting ready for a BM in the living room on the carpet!!!!! When I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo!" I think she may not have another BM for a day or two...but, who can figure why they have lapses? I certainly can't. Mikee, my little boy, has been so unbelievably wonderful for the past two months that I'm confused. She has ALWAYS been good. Now for the past week she has decided to have her BM in front of the kitchen sink during the night. Mikee passes by "it" laying there and goes, "Cool...but I'd better not do that!"

The bottom line is....I'd get rid of the carpet before I'd get rid of Mikee and Angel. My carpet has yet to smile at me, love me, or give me a great big kiss and be thrilled to see me every time I enter the room! Good luck...stay patient and like the movie.... "Someday it will work!"
Annette (Mikee & Angel)

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