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Eating each others food
by Lydia/Pepper/Baby
Eating each others foodHi,O.K. this question is for all of you "multiple Maltese" owners. More specifically, those with an adult and puppy Maltese. Before Baby arrived, Pepper's food was left out all day long for him to nibble at. Now that Baby has arrived, I have been putting both dishes out three times a day. The problem is that as soon as Baby sees Pepper's food, she runs for his dish and ignores hers. Today for example, I filled both dishes with food and water. Pepper gets adult Eukanuba and Baby get puppy Eukanuba. I left the room and came back to find Pepper's dish empty and Baby and Pepper were chomping away on Pepper's food. When all of Pepper's food is gone, she will go and eat her own. I hate to remove Pepper's dish cause I feel like I'm taking his food away from him. When he goes near Baby's food, I tell him no. (he tends to vomit, if he gets into her food). How do you handle the feeding times for your dogs, especially, if they are on two different kinds of food?


Pepper was there first and should be feed first, put peppers food down first and let him eat it even if it requires crateing baby, or holding baby, once pepper has finished eating then feed baby. Pepper will learn that he is top dog, and so will baby, this might help with the problem.

Lydia: I know, I know, I know what you are talking about. Your post brought back all the memories of Shayna arriving in the Johnson house hold. I did the same for KoKo, left her food all day, mostly she used to eat it at night. It was KoKo that wanted the puppy food. I finally let KoKo eat puppy food mixed with adult food until I took Shayna off puppy food at about 10 months old. Now I give them two bowls of the same food, except Shayna gets a little less due to her smaller size. If Shayna doesn't finish right away, KoKo eats her food too. It has all worked out pretty good for us, but it took lots of time. I don't think I've helped, but just knowing its not your fault is some help too. Good luck.
I had a similiar problem. Our puppy is now 16 months old. I just fed them separate times and I still do it that way. Like you mentioned they like each others food. This point my 6 year old eats lite formula and the little one on regular formula. I need to watch 6 year old's diet very carefully. She weights around 9 pounds and our vet says no no.
Z. P.
I sympathise with you, Lydia. If Moose and Squirrel were allowed to eat unsupervised, Moose would scoff the lot. They eat the same thing but it is served on two plates and Squirrel always lets Moose eat first. We have got to the stage now where as soon as Moose makes for the second plate all we have to do is say his name in an admonishing tone and he will walk away (we used to have to physically remove him!) How old is Baby now? - I read that the toy breeds should be started on adult food at 9 months (I know there are differing opinions on this), and this would make things much easier for you.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Lydia, when we brought Rudy home, all hell broke loose at feeding time. What a circus! Baxter wanted Rudy's. Rudy wanted Baxter's. Edith & Maxine (the cats) wanted Baxter and Rudy's. Edith & Maxine's is in a spot where the boys can't get it, so THAT part wasn't a problem (small blessing). Anyway, the cats caught on quickly that they were not allowed the dog's food. Besides, they don't like hanging around the boys anyway. Baxter was also easily trained to stay out of Rudy's. (A firm "no" and a move back to his own food worked.) As for Rudy, he still tries to take the long way around the kitchen to Baxter's dish hoping we won't notice. It's so funny. Anyway, as long as I'm in the kitchen, everything stays pretty calm. Baxter gets fed once a day at suppertime. He's 10 lbs and he doesn't need it more than once. He stays in bed with Daddy while I feed Rudy in the morning and then Rudy gets a little put in his crate with him when we leave if he didn't finish his morning meal. Maybe if you put Pepper on a feeding schedule, he would soon learn it, and then the need for food out all day wouldn't be a problem. Good luck with whatever you do.
Hi, Lydia. I have multiple dogs..not all Maltese, though....and I had the same problem when I had puppies and older ones. Just put the puppy in his crate to eat (or some other contained area) of stay there and supervise. I always fed mine, gave them 20 or so minutes to eat and then put it away....finished or not.I've never had a feeding problem of any kind. They each respect each other's bowls, and they're not possessive. Good luck...I wish *I* had a new puppy!
Hi Lydia, I feed Bailey and Buddy at the same time everyday, but in two separate bowls (Buddy is still on puppy food). When I just had Bailey, she would eat one little kibble of food at a time, very dainty and lady like. Ever since I introduced Buddy, at mealtime, they both have their noses in the bowls until they are done! It's almost a race to see who can finish first! They "check out" each other's bowls for left-overs (yeah, right) but I haven't had any problems with this.
Nike will be 1 year this monty (April) and Fila will be 1 year in May. Both are fed together and out of the same bowl. Fila is starting plump up. He is eating all the food. Nike gets enough and is not starving. How do I control what Fila eats?
Dave, the only way you can control that is to feed them separately. Why not put one or both in their own crates?

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