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Advice needed 2nd Maltese
by Wendy P
Advice needed 2nd MalteseHi everybody. I'm kind of at wits end at the moment. I've been in this forum many times before. You may recognize my first Maltese's name -- Chilli. This past Christmas, we got a second Maltese, but not because we really wanted a second dog. Someone I know got her and shortly after, found out they couldn't keep her (long story). Although I never wanted a second dog, I seemed the logical choice since I know the breed well and had the room, etc.

I got Belle shortly before Christmas and it was immediately clear that there were some big differences between Chilli (2.5 yrs old) and Belle. There are some big differences between Chilli's puppyhood behavior and Belle's too. (Belle was 15 wks when we got her. She's now spayed and ~7 mos old.) Belle is really hyper. I call her sometimes mental. She's got TONS of energy that lasts much longer than Chilli's puppy energy lasted. She's constantly going after Chilli. They don't ever fight, but Belle likes to roughhouse a lot and Chilli gets tired of it. Her attention span seems very short (she sits, lies down and gives her paw now, but only for a second and then she's off again).

It's getting to be a lot to handle. Chilli sometimes has gotten very stressed out because of Belle and a few times, she threw up from stress. My Chilli has a lick granuloma that I'm trying like crazy (and unsuccessfully so far) to heal up, but Belle keeps nipping her in that spot on her leg. Both dogs sleep with us. Chilli always did so it seemed only fair to let Belle sleep with us. This is really gross, but last night I woke up with poop all over the bed (and me) because Belle went in bed. She's NEVER done anything like that before and neither has Chilli.

I'm kind of stressed and ready to scream. I understand that all dogs are different, but did anyone else have a hyper Maltese? Will she calm down with age? Sometimes I am so sorry I took her in, but I wanted her to end up with a good home. I also don't want to give up. It's not fair to Belle. Sigh...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Wendy, I almost always think 2 dogs are better than one because they are such good company for one another when their "people" have to be away. Chili will put Belle in her place as the "alpha" and that's okay for Belle to learn when to back off. I'm wondering if Belle is sensing your stress. I'm sure there's some explanation for her pooping in your bed; like not getting her job done before she went to bed, a tummy upset, accidentally frightened or hurt in the night. You'll do fine. Hang in there.

Wendy: Some of the things you have said describe KoKo and Shayna. KoKo is 2 yrs, 8 months old and Shayna 17 months. Shayna has never pooped in bed, but has peed. The other morning I found tiny little poops right near our bed. I have always referred to KoKo as "The Best Dog in the World" and Shayna the "Little Rascal". I was informed by my hubby that Shayna was chewing the woodwork in the hall. Yes she is a handful, but I love both the girls like they were my own flesh and blood. Shayna has come a long way and will continue with maturity. She has a short attention span too, but she is so smart and so much more loving than KoKo. They are the light of both of our lives. Hang in there and be firm. Good luck. If you want to talk to me directly as Jay for my E mail address.
Based on my personal experience, trying to keep a dog from licking herself can, in itself, be stressful to the owner. You have to watch them constantly. If it were me, when I got an Elizabethan collar for Chilli to keep her from licking her granuloma, I'd also get one for Belle. It might keep Belle away from Chilli's sore spot until it's healed and give you a chance to relax.
Wendy, have you been to see you veterinarian to discuss the problem you are having with Belle. Many times problems such as the hyperactivity you describe have an underlying medical condition. You and your vet should rule out such a problem before you consider other options.
Bobbie Linden
Hi, I'm not sure that I can offer much advice, but I can offer my sympathy and understanding. Pepper is 18 months old and we got Baby Dec. 97 also. She is now 6 1/2 months and was spayed last week. She is very hyper (we joke about her needing Ritalin). She is the complete opposite of Pepper's docile personality. Pepper would prefer to lay and sleep all day. She is constantly on the go. If he tires out and goes on the couch, she grabs him by the tail or by the ear and literally pulls him off the couch by his tail/ear!!! However, she isn't totally housetrained (she is getting there) so she still sleeps in her crate at night. Pepper does sleep on our bed. I'm hoping she will outgrow her "hyperactive" stage within her first year. There are days when I wonder why I did this to myself and I become incredibly frustrated re: the work involved with two, but then I look at those faces and I realize I wouldn't trade them for anything. Hang in there! Hopefully, things will calm down as your puppy gets older.
Hi Wendy! I have three maltese. My oldest is 2 yrs. 9 mo.'s old. My second oldest is 1 year 4 mo.'s, and my youngest is 5 mo.'s old. My second oldest demonstrated this same type of behavior when we got her and is just now starting to calm down. She would be very hyper and really play rough with my oldest dog Bianca. I had her checked out medically and everything was o.k. When she started playing too rough I would call a "time out" and put her in the kitchen. When she calmed down I let her out of the kitchen. Eventually all I would have to do when she got too wild was say, "BriAnna calm down or you're going in the kitchen!" It worked! She learned and did eventually calm down. When she had her extra energy, instead of playing rough with Bianca, she would just run around the dining room table a couple minutes and than get tired and lay down or get a toy and go play by herself. Maybe you can try something like that. And going poop in bed - my BriAnna is guilty of that too! I stopped her from doing that by putting her in her crate next to my bed at night and having her sleep there for one week and than letting her back in bed. If she had another accident again, back to the crate for sleep. After several months of this she never has accidents in bed anymore. She will let me know now if she has to go and I'll get up and take her to her wee wee pad. My youngest maltese is the little spunky one now, but not hyper like BriAnna was. She sleeps in her crate at night as she is nowhere near trained yet. I'm trying but she is not catching on where Mommie wants her to go potty. She also goes in her crate at night at least once per week. They say a dog won't go where they sleep-they forget to tell my youngest Carissa that! But that's another story. Maybe try to do what I did or maybe someone will suggest something different you'd be more interested to try. Hope this helped and hang in there - it will get better! Good Luck!
Hi Wendy. Sounds like you've got your hands full. We got Rudy at 12 weeks old the same time you got Belle. Baxter is 2 yrs 3 mos old and very playful, but Rudy's constant attention gets to Baxter sometimes, too. Fortunately, he can get up on a sofa to get away when he's had enough. Rudy's too small to jump up yet. I think a crate could be the answer to some of your problems. Rudy sleeps eye level with me in his crate which is up on a chest beside the bed. He's quite content in there with his Sesame Street baby puff. He's never even been on the bed, let alone sleep there. I think he's too small and could fall off. Anyway, have you tried crate training before? It's a blessing and it would certainly give Chilli some relief. I'm sure there will be tons of ideas here. Hang in there and let us know how it goes.
Hi everyone. Thank you very much for your advice and sympathy. I think you are all right. I'm sure Belle will calm down with age. I may have forgotten to say in my first message that I love Belle like crazy. Chilli is my "best little dog in the whole world" and Belle is the "terror". Sometimes, Belle is some other word, but I can't say it!

Anyway, I know that things will get better. It will take time. Right now, Belle is fighting to be #1. She is very jealous of attention given to Chilli, even though she gets plenty herself. I'm anxiously awaiting her first birthday...!

Well, I'm leaving for Austria this Sunday for a week (work), so I will have an 8 day vacation from puppy-induced stress. Sure wish I could take my Chilli-angel with me though.Thanks everyone! Wendy
Wendy P, Chilli & Belle

hi everybody it's me Belle. don't let mommy know i'm on her computer. please don't believe anything my mommy says, i'm not hyper at all. everything is chilli's fault the way she sits there all grown up and pretty and special and queenie. my grammy says i'm the little orphan annie dog that is soooo misunderstood. (i love grammy) this morning i was just minding my own business walking by and somehow (i don't know how) but chilli's ear ended up in my mouth so I tugged with all my might. well, all of a sudden chilli acts like it's all my fault and grabs my ear and made me squeak because it hurt. so then i left her alone, but honest, can i help it if her ears and tail look so yummy? my mommy keeps calling me Taz and my daddy calls me something else but i'm not allowed to say.bye bye
Ssh, it's me Belle on mommy's PC
Wendy, what you're describing about Belle's behavior surely must be adolescence! Oh, what fun! It's enough to drive you crazy, I know, but hang in there, it'll get better. The reverting to unhousebroken behavior is a good sign, along with the hyperactive (also a puppy is hyper)behavior. Another telltale sign is the age (6 mo.-18 mo.)as is the short attention span. A rebelliousness often comes with it as well as selective hearing. In other words, they turn into little jerks! How to get through it? Well, a training class would help, but it'll take ALOT of patience at this point! My preference would be to have her earn everything she gets, including petting, food, treats, walks, on the furniture, etc. She must do something at your request ( you said she could "shake", etc), then she gets petting, a treat or whatever.Nothing is free. This will reinforce the training you've given her, also. She'll gain more confidence and pretty soon, it'll be all over and you will have helped her not learn anymore bad behaviors!

As far as Chilli's licking....you might try chlorseptic throat spray. You can find it in the drugstore...it's green and will numb the spot, keep Chilli from licking it, and just may keep Belle off it, too. Belle will surely soon discover where her numb tongue is coming from! Good luck! By the way, a great book on adolescent behavior is "Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence" by Carol Lea Benjamin. You can order it from your bookstore or you can call Direct Books at 800-776-2665. I'm not 100% in agreement about the choke collars she uses( aka *slip* collars), but her theories are fine. It's very humorously written!

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