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advantages to neutering?
by Linda
advantages to neutering?Hi, I'm getting my baby neutered on friday and i was wondering about some of the advantages of the procedure. I know that it is very healthful but will it get rid of his urge to mark furniture at different places. In about two months i will be moving into a new apartment and i was just wondering if he'll mark there even though it's the same furniture (if he'll even mark after being neutered.) Will neutering stop his leg lifting? I just hate the leftover urine that runs down to his sides. Oh by the way, he's almost one year and five months. Any answers will be greatly apreciated. Thanks Linda and NiNi


Linda, You will get different answers on this, I am sure. Taffy is female, of course, but my last dog, a poodle, was male. The vet told me that if I had him neutered many things would change. Nothing changed. Now, Bo, did not mark in the house, unless another dog would, or did. But as far as biting, hiking, and marking territory outside, he was the same. Bo would hike so far I always thought he was gonna tip over!! I think there are many advantages though, and I also think if the dog is still a pup, it may help on some things. Good luck, and let us know how he does. We just got back from a 2 day trip, and my little Miss Taffy was hiking and marking during every walk we took. She is something else!! Yes, she even marked the Motel room, one time, I guess to prove a point!
Robin K.

Hi ! I personally don't think neutering stops leg lifting, it is learned behavior ! YOu probably need to spend some more time training or re-training him ( crate ?) ! Are you gone a lot ? Like work all day ? He could be angry with you for leaving him alone for long periods ?
Linda, you will definately get lots of response to this question...so I am giving you my thoughts only...I am on my second Maltese. The first one lived for 16 years (not neutered). Never had a health problem what-so-ever. My current little guy is 8 mos old and I have not decided on what to do...I was told it does not alter their disposition. It does not stop them from marking. Buster has started marking, but luckily just outside so far. I watch him very closely in the house. I have also heard its entirely health related. So still undecided on what I will do. Lot of help I am! Ha!
Libby & Buster
Linda, I'm not sure if neutering will do much in stopping Nini from marking at his age. I think you have to get them neutered young (6 mos or sooner). My two boys were both neutered at 6 mos. and I have no marking problems. Maybe others have different experiences. Good luck tomorrow. Marie (Baxter & Rudy)
Linda, different dogs have different changes. For my own experience, I brought my male maltese to neuter when he's 1.5 years old. He used to mark everywhere in the house, especially when the female is in heat. He also lifted up his leg up high when peeing. After the surgery, he didn't mark places anymore, but he still loves to pee on where the my female maltese peed. His front legs used to get smelly after he peed, but now I found that he's not as dirty as before. So, I kinda happy with his behavior now.
Linda, this is my first maltese but I had a yorkie for 13 yrs. he died 3 yrs ago. We have moved many times during his life because my husband is in the military. I didn't have him neutered until he was 8 yrs old but in all his glory and without, he never lifted his leg to mark his territory in the house no matter where we moved. Outside was a different story, every blade of grass knew my Teddy personally. Leg lifting for males is inherited and whether or not they get neutered they will lift. I am on my second boy, a maltese. I found that the hair right around their pee exit works to help the urine stream instead of spray, so I leave about an inch or two of the length cut in an angle and neither one got urine on their legs as they lifted. It also depends on how high they lift their leg and the length of their hair due to dribbles. As for personality change, the big difference was that my yorkie quit taking off if the door was open enough to give him an escape route. I have not seen a difference in my maltese but he was neutered at 6 months. If your boy doesn't lift his leg in your house at this time I wouldn't think he would at your new home since everything will still be the same furniture and stuff from the other home.

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