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by Linda
housebreakingI am getting my maltese puppy next week and am so excited. However, because I will have to be gone for 2 nights eleven days after I get the puppy, I almost passed him up. I was going to wait for another litter so that I would not have to leave my new dog (it would be difficult to take him with me). However, the breeder said she would be happy to have him the 2 nights. I know she does not take her dogs outside - in fact they are not really papertrained either; however, she would be willing to put papers out for my puppy. Here is my dilemma: I was planning to housetrain the puppy immediately to the outside, however, because he will be in an indoor situation for 2 days should I use papers until after I return so that he is not completely confused when he goes to the breeder? My friend only uses papers and loves it. My former maltese used papers as a puppy and once I took her out , she never used papers again. I had hoped with her (my first maltese) that I would have the luxory of both so that if I were ever gone a long while , she could eliminate on her papers. I always ended up having someone come to take her out, if I was going to be long. So I guess I have 2 questions: what recommendations do you have re preparing to return to the breeder? Also, does anyone prefer papers ( does anyone use both)? My friend who uses only papers says it is so convenient and her dog stays so much cleaner! Thanks for any info offered!


Hi Linda! I have three maltese and they are trained on wee wee pads. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is so much better than taking them to potty outside (esp. in the winter). They are never alone for more than three or four hours at a time, but if they have to potty while we are gone they can go on the pad. I don't use newspapers, I don't think that is very sanitary. Wee wee pads aren't cheap but they are so much cleaner than plain newspaper. As far as what to do about training your dog - I would train the baby however you want him to go for you. I wouldn't train him on paper for the few weeks prior to your trip and than to go outside when you return. You may confuse him. When he goes to the breeder's for two days she can put papers down and when he gets home you can train him outside again. Hope this helps! Good Luck and congrat's on your new baby!

Linda, I was encouraged by Vivian, the breeder, whom I got Truffles from to paper-train her exclusively, and I didn't listen. Now I am sorry I didn't. I think it is so much easier to have them trained to paper/peepee pads. A friend of mine who has a Yorkie, has hers trained to paper and it works great for her. I have a 2-story townhouse and in the middle of the night occasionally, when Miss Truffles has to go tinkle, I have to travel all the way downstairs and out the back to let her go. It would be so much easier to just let her down onto the paper to eliminate. I have her trained to use the pads while I am gone and she is enclosed in the kitchen, but she will not use them on her own when she has run of the house. By the way, the cheapest pads to get are the large pads intended for humans, at Walmart or similar store. I vote for the pads!! Good luck. I
Linda P
Hi, Linda! Congrats on your new doggy! My Otto goes outside on the patio mostly, but when I have to leave him home, he uses a puppy john just fine. I followed instructions from a housebreaking book - and it had a chapter on a dog that needs to use both papers and outside. It is pretty easy for a dog to understand if you are consistent. So start right away! Both paper-training (reducing the papered area gradually) and outside. To get otto to comprehend the "outside" part was easy. At first I just took peed-on newspapers outside, so he could smell it was ok to go outside. He learned that in 1 day. He had worse luck in figuring that the puppy john was the ONLY place it was ok to use. He only uses it now when I am at work. He hasn't had a mistake in a while. I think it is good to have both ways - often Otto and I are out and I am happy he will go on the grass. I am also assured that if I am away from the house too long, that he has his Puppy John to use whenever he needs to. I hope it works out for you!
Linda, although I think you should wait.....When I got my Buster at 14 weeks old, I immediately started him paper training. He did very well...at night I put papers down in the bathroom with his bed and in the morning I would take him out several times before I left for work. During the day, the samething, papers in the big master bathroom with his bed, toys and plenty of water. After a month he started holding it and would wait until I was home to take him out. Very easy. I trained my previous Malt that way also. I would definately start with the papers if thats what the breeder said she/he would do. Then when you get home begin the outside training. Good Luck!
Libby & Buster
Hi, Linda, Congratulations on your new puppy! You must be so excited -- I am sure the time is moving slowly for you right now! Touquet is paper-trained, which is a very good thing since we live on the 19th floor of a high-rise. He has his own "potty" closet, where he always has fresh newspapers on which to "do his business". There are many advantages to paper-training, not the least of which your little one always has a bathroom at his disposal, and never has to wait until you come home. Another advantage if you travel with him is that you can use papers anywhere, even when you can't take him outside. Touquet has used his papers at 38,000 feet in the airplane washroom! Touquet also "goes" outside on his daily walks. Hope this helps. Please let us know what you decide to name your puppy!
Linda- Good news-they are so smart, that they can be trained to do both! My Maltese uses wee-wee pads or will go outside whatever I want. You should paper train first. I would wait several months before taking your baby outside. Wee-wee pads are great for when you are in a hotel and don't want anyone to know your baby is around. I usually take Noah out in the morning, but if it is raining, I just tell him, "Noah, it is raining, and he will go to his pad. When you are ready to train outside, take a used wee-wee pad and put it on the spot where you want your baby to go. I am so happy for you about your new love!
April B.
I crate trained Tasha, which worked out great, BUT I wish I had her paper trained for those days when it rains and she and I have to go out and get wet, umbrella or not.
Hi Linda - Congratulations on becoming owned by a new maltese. Moose & Squirrel will potty outside when they can, otherwise they use the paper on the home-made "puppy john". We use unprinted newsprint which can be bought in bulk very cheaply from a paper mill - they can also cut to your exact size requirements and may also deliver. I agree with Libby and April to paper train first, I think this will be much easier for both of you! We didn't encourage ours to potty outside until they were fully paper-trained.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Deanna,Can you tell me more about your homemade "puppy john?" Do you have one for Moose and one for Squirrel, or do they share? Thanks!

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