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how many types of coats?
by indah
how many types of coats?hi everyone, i was wondering... how many types of coats are there for maltese? my baby boy's coat is very fagile.. very soft and cottony , and therefore very hard to control his coat. it tends to matt.. whereaelse my baby girl's coat is the coarser type and easier to manage. And how do you groom a coat that's so fragile and soft? it's so sad because his coat is so soft and beautiful, but the matting is uncontrollable.

please give me some suggestions on this. I don't want to make the grooming session painful for my baby boy. Thank you.


Why not have him clipped in a cute puppy cut?? I've got my little girl clipped and it looks adorable. She still has her topknot and goatee and hair on her tail and feet, just the body is clipped.

Hi Indah, look for the title Puppy Coat Change by Lucy. I have been having great results with the products I mentioned in that post.
Hi! My little guy has the soft cottony coat too. I finally gave up trying to keep that beautiful hair tangle free and recently gave him a cute puppy cut. The whole family loves it. He seems to love it too. His coat is still soft, but much more manageable. Good luck.

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