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husband jealous
by Jo
husband jealousI was wondering if any Maltese owners find their husbands (or wives) are jealous of the attention and love we give our little "babies:, I know my husband is jealous and feels I give my girl and my other pets more attention than he gets. Why can't he just love them as I do. Is it his own insecurity ? I certainly can't love them less .....and I won't .


Jo, My hubby is jealous also....but he deals with it. He loves and spoils Buster just as much as I do. When Buster is good he's hubby's dog and when he's bad he's mommies dog ....so says my hubby! But we all know who's little guy he really is.
Libby & Buster

Jo: This is not uncommon even with human babies. I don't have any suggestions but am saying yes it exists. They don't want to share us with any one or any thing.
My husband used to be jealous of Puff. When we were first going out, Puff had gotten very sick as a reaction to a flea product and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital. Neil had just come over, and I more or less yelled at him to get in the back of the car. I was already in the driver seat with Puff on the passenger side, no time to switch places. When he realized that poor Puff really was in a bad way, he calmed down, but sulked for quite a while as I was too upset to go out or talk about anything other than Puff. I remember he said he wouldn't be surprised if I ran him over in an attempt to save my dog (I can't be 100% positive, but I think I'd have swerved). Puff recovered fully, but for a long time Neil didn't seem to like him much and was jealous. Then I got him his own dog (Whiskers, adopted from my school), and he began to understand how I felt and that he wasn't in competition with the dog. (An interesting side-note, I found myself getting jealous of his relationship with Whiskers. I wanted Whiskers to love him of course, but I wanted him to love me more as I was the one who saved him. I got over it though, and Whiskers has enough love for everyone). Neil grew to like Puff, although not as much as he loves Whiskers. Also, I learned that it's important for couples to do activities together that both can enjoy (not everyone has the same interest level in animals). This way we had things to talk about other than dogs.
My teenage daughters are jealous of Casper and Daisy. I just remind them that the furbabies don't use the phone, borrow the car, ask for allowances, skip chores or "forget" homework. And they always greet me with happy kisses. What do they expect?!
The maltese and the other pets are just a symptom of the problem, and not the cause.
Jo, I'm sure my husband noticed a difference when we got Baxter, but when we got Rudy, we each had one in our lap. His main competition now, though, is this computer!!!
My husband used to be jealous but finally he accepted that my girls here to stay. He loves Munchkin and Amber as much as I do. But they are always mommies girl's.
Marie,,,,,ditto on the computer! Buster and I are on it everynite, especially in the Chatroom!
Libby & Buster
I guess I am lucky because my husband loves Gracie not as much as me of course but he does love her and misses her when he travels. He loves there afternoon ritual of Gracie greeting him at the door and running around him in circles then running to the couch jumping onto the back of it and waiting for him to come to her and then she gives him all the kisses that she saves for him and no one else :-)
Donna & Gracie
I had a boyfriend once who was jealous of Holly... the key word there is HAD!!! My husband loves her as much as I do... the key word there is HUSBAND!!!
Katy & Holly

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