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Recovering from spaying
by Lydia/Pepper/Baby
Recovering from spaying Hi Everyone, Baby had her surgery yesterday a.m. and returned home yesterday evening. While the Vet assures me that all is fine, I am just wondering, if anyone else has experienced these same symptoms? She came home extremely tired from the anesthesia and is still extremely tired. She was unable to hold herself up last night and was walking like she had a few too many "nightcaps". This a.m. she is hungry, but with little or no energy. Her back right leg seems to give out after a few steps and she just plops herself and waits for me to pick her up. She does not appear to be in pain, but my hyperactive bundle of fur has seemed to have lost her spunk. She hasn't even tugged on Pepper's ears on let out a bark. Am I overreacting? Is this normal after this type of surgery? I've never experience spaying. I have only expereienced Pepper's neutering and he was his old self that same day. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


A spay is a longer and more invasive surgery than the male neuter. There is more anesthetic, and it can take longer to wear off. Also, she may be in some pain/discomfort. It is not uncommon, and is actually better for them, to be a bit sluggish for a day or so after the surgery, although some seem to bounce right back afterwards as if nothing happened. The fact that she was eating (and I hope drinking) is a good sign. Hopefully she is back to her normal self by the time you read this, if not, give the vet a call and report the symptoms. S/he can let you know if there is anything else that needs to be done, such as giving a painkiller or having her re-checked. I hope Baby is feeling better soon.

Hello! When I had BriAnna spayed she was completely out of it the first 2 days. She didn't even pee for 12 hours! I was a nervous wreck. I called her vet so many times and asked tons of questions. It sounds to me like Baby is the same way BriAnn was and she'll be back to her old self again before you know it. Spaying is so scary to have done but it's the best thing for our babies. I waited until BriAnn was 1 year old. I couldn't do it at 6 months. I'm so glad I had it done. I have 3 maltese and two of them are spayed now. My youngest is 5 months and I'll wait until she is at least 8 months before I get her spayed. Baby will be fine - you'll see! Take Care!
Lydia, I agree with Aimee. The anesthesia could take a couple of days to wear off. As long as she is drinking, don't worry. Do not force her to eat if she is not hungry during this time . The anesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting so this would be a reason for her not to be hungry. Of course if she is still off after a couple of days, check with your vet.
April B.
Lydia--I takes a couple of days for them to come around after spaying. I had to hand feed Lucy, bite by bite, after she was spayed. Also, carried her outside to go potty and carried her back in. I am sure they hurt quite a bit, although my vet said it wasn't that bad--I wondered when was the last time someone spayed her (even though I know she was just trying to make me feel better!). At any rate, she should be doing fine in another day or so, and if anything seems out of whack give your vet a call. When Luce was spayed, after the 2 days she was still in misery and my vet had me bring her in--she had a staph infection in her stitches that was itching her to death. So watch Baby for any signs of great discomfort--if she's like Luce, she will definitely let you know if she's in misery!! Hang in there, the hard part is over. Give baby a hug from me and kissies from Lucy.
cathy brown
Hi Lydia, Don't worry. I bet by the time you read this message, you will already be seeing a big improvement in Baby's energy level. Angel was spayed on a Friday morning and I brought her home on a Sat. morning. She was so tired she would fall asleep standing up!! I felt so sorry for her. But by Sunday she was much better and after that she was her spunky little self. So try not to worry.
Sandee M.
I had Lalita spayed on February 5th of this year, and my cat spayed 2 1/2yrs. ago. They both stayed overnight and just wanted to sleep. Lalita, my four pound fluffball' was still drowsy, when I picked her up from the vet, and slept in my lap most of the day. Baby is still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. Lalita was doing fine the next day, in fact I had a hard time trying to keep her calm. I hope Baby is doing a lot better. Let us know how everything turns out. Hopefully by the time this is posted Baby will be well on her way to being mischievous ball of fluff. Veba & Lalita send lots and lots of understanding meows, barks, & kisses. I hope everything is coming along fine. Let us know how she is doing.
Lydia, although spaying is more involved than neutering, Rudy was totally out of it the first day. In the evening, I got him awake enough to eat and drink. Then he staggered around the house like a drunken sailor for an hour or so and then out like a light for the night. He also seemed to stagger towards the right - don't know what that was all about. I think their alertness has to do with the kind and amount of anesthesia they have had. I'm just as glad Rudy wasn't too awake that first day. (I've had major surgery and I was very glad I was out for a couple of days.) By the time you read this, I'll bet Baby is well on the way back to tugging on Pepper's ears. Let us know, okay?
Dear Baby: Both or us went through that spaying thing and it took us a few days to get back to normal. KoKo has stitches and Shayna was lucky and they used the new glue on her. Shayna was actually out of it for 3 1/2 days because she had her dew claws removed and 2 baby teeth pulled. When she removed KoKo's top knot Mommy and Daddy announced "Shayna is Back in Town". KoKo was out of it 24 hours, lucky girl. Please hurry and feel better, we are sure Pepper really misses the Old Baby. Lots of licks and tail wags from both of us. Love, KoKo and Shayna
Lydia--tried to send you an email to check on Baby and it came back as undeliverable. If you still have my address, please send me a note and let me know how she is doing.
cathy brown
Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your responses. As of yesterday, "Baby is back"!!! She is not quite her normal self, but definately better than she was a few days ago. By the way, Marie, Baby also staggered to the right after the surgery. I have never been through this spaying process and didn't realize until now just how difficult it is for the little fur balls. I think I will stick to males from now on. I just pity her too much. Cathy, I believe I still have your address I will send you an e-mail with my new address (we changed servers). Thanks again to all of you.
Lydia, I hope that by now Baby is doing much better! When I had Phoebe spayed a couple of weeks ago she was really groggy the following day, but came out of her traveling crate with her tail wagging. I watched and worried as to her peeing and bowels movements, she drank gobs of water and did eat a tiny bit. The following day she was romping like nothing ever happened and managed to pull two of her three stitches out by day four! There were some moves she just could not manage, no rolling over and some sitting positions were obviously uncomfortable for her, but she healed quickly and I had a fight on my hands to keep her calm and settled enough for the stitches to heal properly! Please let us know how your Baby does!
Leslie R
Lydia, I'm SO glad to hear Baby is coming around. Rudy is still at his stitches. We tried the paper plate thing around his neck this morning and he just would not stand for it. I was afraid he would hurt himself trying to get it off so we took it off. I reasoned that animals in the wild lick their wounds all the time and maybe it isn't the worst thing that can happen. Speaking of licks, he send them to Baby. Thanks for the update.
I'm reading this with much interest as my Tasha goes in 4-13 to be spayed. I'm already a wreck and thinking about cancelling until she is older. She is supposed to be spayed on the 13th and will be 7mos. old on the 19th, she also has to have some teeth pulled. I take her in Mon. morn. early and then pick her up that night, BUT the vet is closed on Tues. Of course there is an emergency # in case of complications, Believe me I'm not looking forward to this at all.

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