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Bio Spot vs Frontline
by Vikki
Bio Spot vs Frontline I have been using Frontline with fairly good results, but as you all might know, you have to buy it from the vet and costs about $30 for 3 vials. Bio Spot on the other hand, is $10.00 for 3 vials, you can buy it at pet stores and it not only kills fleas it repels mosquitos! HOWEVER, after applying Bio Spot, Phoebe smelled terrible! I ended up bathing her the next day (and the smell was still there, but faint) Anyone else have the same experience? Maybe cut down on the amount used - 1/2 a vial instead of a full one?


Vikki: I also had a bad experience with Bio Spot. I was told to get the large dog size and use 1/2 on each of my girls. They looked so bad, greasy, dirty, smelly, the whole 9 yards. I bathed them after a day or so. I like Frontline spray, you control the usage based on weight. It really works, last week we were in Key Largo, the Flea Capital of the World, and I saw a flea on KoKo and Shayna and sprayed them immediately they were clean in no time at all.

Vikki ! I use bio on mine, I did get a cannister of Frontline spray, ( which I found out had been banned a while back ! ) when I read I had to put on latex gloves to apply it I changed my mind quickly, don't know why the odor ? Personally I would only use water-soluable stuff , bio or advantage.
Vikki:I also tried the bio-spot and my Sara smelled so bad that she wouldn't speak to me for several days. I have sent this message before so hope some of you will not be bored at hearing it again but I think it's worth repeating. I buy the Frontline for the largest dog which is about $2 more. I take an eye dropped and bottle, you can get one from your vet or pharmacy. With the eye dropped I take the frontline out of the vile and put it into the bottle, each month I put about .023 (which is the amount for small dogs) on Sara. I think I have already used 6 applications out of one vile. Hope this helps.
I am concerned about using any kind of flea and tick repelent, other then shampoo on my little guys. I am new to the Maltese world, have only had them for a year. Has anyone used Biospot, Frontline or Advantage on guys that weigh about 4 pounds? I have also heard a rumor that some of these sterilize your dog, is that true? I would really like another method, as the shampoo only works for a couple of days. We are coming upon our flea and tick season now, I would like to know of a better way other then shampoo to rid my little characters of these nasty pests. Thank you.
Frontline also comes in an 8 1/2 oz spray bottle for about $20. Two bottles a year protect my 4 cats and 4 Maltese. The directions call for 2 pumps for every pound of body weight but their hair is so fine I use 1 pump for every 2 pounds of weight. It still does the job. the proof is our 14 pound cat with a scar on the back of his neck. Ticks loved that scar and he was always bringing ticks home from the woods. Now we never see a tick on him. We also spray the yard with Sevin Liquid once a month from spring till fall. If it's safe for vegetable gardens it shouldn't hurt the dogs. We just keep them in until it dries.
I was wondering the same thing. Right now I use advantage and I like the bio- spot. But wanted to know how well it worked on our little ones. Please let us know how it works out. I don't know anthing about the smell... sorry. Yavonda, Fergie and Bacci
Vickie,STOP using Bio Spot. It is heighly Toxic and has been known to kill dogs and cats. I have been using Front Line with great success and it is safe. I buy the large dog packet and it lasts. Be sure and remember to apply about 1/8 of vile for dogs and cats up to 11 lbs. I use a small sringe with out the needle attached. The other thing to remember is wait 3 days after baths as the natural oils need to come back so it work propertly. If applyed before baths wait 3 days before bath. Katie, Choie and Shelby
Bought Bio Spot, but haven't used it yet, will let you know. I also bought it because of the price, Frontline has been good, especially here in Florida, so we will see if Bio Spot works.
I would have trouble using either one. I have heard that because malteses are so small these flea remedies can be hard on their livers. I used pro spot way back when it first came out and my katie died of liver failure at age 9. I don't know if the 2 were related but I won't use it on my new pups!!!!

I use Program flea pills for my girls. No smell, no risk of washing it off, and no fleas! My vet said it was perfectly safe to use. I've never heard of any bad reports about it. Has anyone heard anything bad about Program flea pills? I'm wondering why you all seem to use the spray-on product instead of Program? Is there something I should know about it that could cause harm to my babies? If so I will take them off of it and use a spray.
I have used both Frontline and Advantage, right now using Advantage. We have a flea problem all year around. I use the one for dogs under 10 pounds. I hope this is best and safe. I would like to hear from Jay or some of the breeders about what they use and how they feel about long term use of these 2 products. I don't spray the yard cause Taffy likes to dig around some, and get grass in her mouth, so I am terrified of the sprays. I also have not sprayed my house. I would give,and pay, anything for something that was non toxic and safer to get rid of fleas.
Robin K.
It is my opinion that ALL flea products are poisonous, some work better than others, many pet owners have killed their precious ones by overdoing it, and with grocery bought types of remedies especially. Maltese skin is very sensitive and one should only use water soluable products such as Adams, Ovitrol Mycodex. I have many Maltese's and usually don't have a problem with flea, I keep a close eye on things like scratching, check them out right away, use a fine toothed flea comb, and dab alcohol on the flea or keep a little cup/glass nearby with rubbing alsohol in it to deposit the flea/s. I have used Bio and it seems to work fine, I have not noticed any odor other than the normal chemical odor, which may be bothersome to certain peoples noses ! You can't have it all....... For Puppies I spray Adams w/soluable on a wash cloth, then wrap it around the pup and hold a couple of minutes...NEVER spray anything on pups ! It's always better to pick them off, use cotton ball dipped in alcohol or tweezers !
I have Phoebe on Advantage, the first time I used it it seemed to only last about half the time I thought it should. Then I read somewhere that bathing a few days before application was best and so that's what I did. Bath and then wait two days before applying & this really seems to extend the effectiveness. Phoebe is small, right at four pounds and we have had no adverse reactions to the Advantage. She is also on Sentinel and that takes care of heartworms and roundworms, as well as killing flea eggs. None of these products control ticks, but my vet assures me that ticks are not a problem here in the Pacific Northwest. My only complaint is that I can't bathe her for a month! However, this is a very minor thing as it's more important that she be free of pests. (Also have our cat on the same products) When all these newfangled flea control products came out we had our Yorkie on Defend X-spot, and all I ever got was a mad Yorkie! We did not have a flea problem, but in AZ it was ticks & the stuff only gave him an oily spot for days and did absolutey nothing for tick control.
Leslie R
Wow! what a great response - thanks everyone. I think I'll head back to Frontline (which always worked great) and ration it - instead of using it all on her (Phoebe's so little!) I'm glad to hear there's a spray too! Many thanks, Vikki & Phoebe
Hey, don't forget about boric acid in your carpets! Check out Bio Flea Halt for the carpet and Bio Flea Spray for the yard. They're safe and very effective. (Omaha Vaccine, R C Steele, etc. as well as Petsmart).
Dear Vikki, I always used advantage on my maltese, until I cam across an advertisement for BIOSpot and looked at the all the benefits it offers. Compared with all of the other major products on the market, it protects against more problems than any of them. I called the company and asked for the recommended dosage for a 4-6 pound dog and they told me 1/4 of the vile for dogs under 33 lbs. I also did research and it seems perfectly safe. Safe, effective, and inexpensive. What more could you ask for?
Laura Ana Knecht

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